25 March 2010

Nars Make Up Primer

I bought this primer a couple of months ago in attempt to beat my pesky oily skin into submission and give a longer lasting effect for my make up.  It was £24 from HQ Hair.  I wanted the one with the SPF in it but they'd sold out so I went for this instead.  You get 51ml of product in the tube, and a little goes a long way, so in terms of value for money in this sense, it's pretty decent.

It has a light, not too runny, consistency, like a cross between a gel and a cream, and it goes on very easily.  It smells a little bit like lavender, which personally I don't mind but I know some people won't like this.  I smooth it on over my moisturiser.  In terms of performance, I can't honestly say it's made much difference to my skin or make up longevity.  It does give a nice smooth base for make up application but really not much better than my moisturiser on its own.  Similarly, I'm not completely convinced that it does a decent job of making my skin less shiny and my make up stay in place.  I'm currently using a mineral foundation - maybe it would do a better job with a liquid product?

I'm going to keep using it until it's gone, mainly because I paid £24 for it, but also because it's not doing any harm, but I have to say I was expecting a more noticeable performance from a Nars product.  It's my first experience with a primer and it hasn't exactly put me off, but I do wonder if it's a step in my routine I can really do without.

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