10 March 2010

OPI – Bastille My Beating Heart

ANOTHER OPI POST.  If only I was sponsored by them, I wouldn’t be furtively scribbling these reviews on a very minimized window at my very non-OPI day job.  But I digress.  Again, I’m afraid, I’m disappointed.  No, wait.  Not disappointed.  Well yes, disappointed.  But not in the product.  In me.  I LOVED the look of this colour in the bottle when I saw it in Liberty a few weeks ago, and so purchased from www.nailsandthings.co.uk along with my You Don’t Know Jacques a couple of weeks later.  I still love it in the bottle, and I love the application and the colour, but I do not love it on me.  It’s beautifully glossy and opaque (only one, *very* hastily applied coat; sorry for mess) and is a true deep red, BUT…but but but but but.  It’s shot through with a fuschia tint which you can catch in the light, and whilst a lot of you will love this, it’s just not for me.  It’s a satin-y finish, which is nice but again not what works for me in a varnish.
I’m not going to criticize on that basis though because it really is a lovely polish, and I do love the name.  In fact I love all the OPI names, but this one is a particular favourite.  I imagine it will do my toes proud though so am going to give that a go later this week, although don’t expect to see any snaps of my long old toes on here.  No Siree. 
The picture sort of does it justice but it looks gorgeous in daylight; again, just not on my paws.  Damn my paws and their inability to take any shade!
Je recommende.*
*Clearly, I won’t be getting a job at OPI coming up with polish names either.

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