29 April 2010

Revlon Matte Lipstick Strawberry Suede review

Despite it being possibly the most classic of all classic make up items, I am always nervous about wearing red lipstick.  I think when it’s done right, there’s no better look, but done wrong, you look like a clown in a hurry, which is not a look I often channel.  Over the years, I have tried a few red lipsticks, but not masses.  I choose carefully, and now have three red lipsticks, one red lip pencil and two red lip stains to my name.  My newest one is the Revlon Strawberry Suede lipstick, and I am happy to report and I absolutely love this.   
I have read about it a few times and purchased it a couple of months ago, but wanted to wait until I had a bit of colour to my skin before using it.  It’s a very bright red with a slight orange undertone.  Don’t be fooled by the name – it’s not ‘strawberry’ as I immediately thought of it, i.e. like the outside of a strawberry.  It’s more like the paler red you get on the outside rim when you bite into it.  I think.  Basically, it’s brighter and lighter than what I would deem to be a true strawberry red.
The other part of it is the ‘suede’ part.  This is a totally matte finish.  It applies really nicely, very pigmented (so I would use a lip brush if you’re wanting a subtle finish) and stays put extremely well, through eating and drinking and everything.  Make sure your lips are soft and smooth though, as I’ve found that it shows up flakes if they’re not in tip-top condition.  I use The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ, which I bought probably five years ago and have barely made a dent it, despite using it very regularly, so well worth it.
Revlon Strawberry Suede is my first Revlon lipstick, but I am so impressed that I can’t see it being my last.  I’m going to buy a couple of back-up’s of this shade too – it is my new summer staple.  I paid £7.29 for this from Boots.


  1. Im really glad you wrote this post because I have been wondering about red lipstick. My husband keeps asking me to try it out my I'm so scared on getting the wrong shade. I'm going to try this one out as I love that it's matt.


  2. It's such a beautiful colour. Hope you like it x

  3. this colour has been discontinued unfortunately because this colour was amazing