19 April 2010

Seche Vite - review

There are many key moments in my life that I will always look back on with fondness and a happy sigh, such as those moments when I went to Clarks to get my feet measured in the machine, the time I learnt to French plait my own hair, first dates with my other half, etc, etc.  But none of those will ever measure up to the day I received a little parcel at my desk, containing what I can only assume is wizard's potion, going by the name of Seche Vite.  I cannot fathom why, as a dedicated nail-painter, I hadn't owned this wonder before.  I'd read about it but just didn't believe it could be that good.  Surely nothing existed that could perfect and dry my hastily applied varnish in 30 secs and leave it looking so good it's as if I never had anything to do with it at all?

Well, apparently such a thing does exist, and life BSV (Before Seche Vite) is but a hand-waving, finger-blowing nightmare.  I cannot sing the praises of this highly enough.  I'm not even going to to try to attempt to cover the science bit because frankly I'm not interested, but let's just say that it features some magic stuff and some mystical other bits.  It does smell rather a lot, but that's fine because it's literally over and done with in 10 seconds.

It's a clear varnish to be used as a top coat.  I find that if I apply it immediately (as in literally straight away) after applying colour it drags it a bit, but if you paint all nails and then go back to the start and repeat with Seche Vite, it's absolutely fine.  And now for the amazing bit.

Not only does it make nails dry to the touch in about 30 seconds, it somehow smooths out bumps, covers up any little patches I may have left, AND makes the whole thing chip-free for at least 2 days beyond any other top coat I've used.  I just don't know what I would do without it now.  I think about all the hours I've spent doing the old flap 'n' blow (exactly as it sounds) but I weep at those hours I'll never get back.

I got my Seche Vite for about £8.50 from Amazon.  Without a doubt I will be repurchasing this until the end of time.  Don't bother doing your nails without it.

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