5 May 2010

Chanel Nouvelle Vague dupe?

Perusing my local Superdrug yesterday, I spied this little bottle sat on the Rimmel stand.  It’s the Rimmel 60 Second polish in 825 Sky High.  Normally I wouldn’t look twice at a blue polish but having not failed to notice all the hype surrounding Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague, I decided it might be worth a try.  I was hoping it would be a good dupe for the aforementioned must-have, and although it’s not perfect, it’s not too shabby either.   I haven’t seen Nouvelle Vague in real life but from the looks of it, it’s basically a Tiffany’s blue.  The Rimmel Sky High is definitely darker and probably a little greener, but if you’re looking to pay homage to the colour trend, this is a good place to start.  Plus, at £2.99, it’s a fraction of the price and considerably easier to get your paws on!
Picture is one speedy coat with Seche Vite on top.

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