6 May 2010

L'Oreal Matte Morphose - the review

I have a relatively measly collection of foundations (as you will see when I post My Foundation Collection), and the latest addition to it is the L'Oreal Matte Morphose mousse foundation.  I am not ashamed to admit that a key draw for me was the ad campaign starring Diane Kruger, who I hope to be when I grow up.  I've used just one mousse foundation before which I thoroughly hated, and that was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse one, but I figured that time had passed and scientists had got cleverer and so it might be worth another foray into the mousse market.   And it way was.  L'Oreal Matte Morphose is like an older, more sophisticated sister to Dream Matte.  It's mousse-y but not bubbly.  How technical.  It's so light and fluffy you can barely feel it, either on your fingers or your face, and gives a lovely velvety feel to skin when applied.  I just use my fingers to dot it on, tiny amounts at a time.  It requires virtually no blending and gives good but sheer coverage.  It's very easily buildable too for areas where you might need it.

I have enlarged pores around my nose and on my cheeks, and although this doesn't completely get rid of that, it does a decent job of disguising them.  For someone with oily skin, I'm not sure this is a totally ideal formula, as it does have the tendency to make my skin shine like a beacon after about 4 hours, but I've found that with primer and a finishing powder (currently a Sleek one) it's fine, and doesn't slide off or anything attractive like that.

BUT.  Sometimes, for no reason I can fathom, after about an hour of wear, it sort of separates on my skin.  It's really weird and makes my face look horribly patchy and scaly, which it isn't.  I can't understand it.  I don't know if it's because I sometimes put more on than usual, or the air in my office is warmer or what, but it's not nice.  It's a shame because on the days it doesn't do that, I really like this product.  I got mine for about £7 from Boots.

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