26 May 2010

MAC Show Orchid dupe

I don't own Mac Show Orchid lipstick - from the Amplified range I think - but from my swatch memory and blog snooping I think this little number from Sleek would make a pretty decent dupe.  Meet Fuschia 833:
What do we think?  Purchased today from Superdrug in a fit of 3 for 2 excitement, it was £3.49.  Amazing value considering the quality.  I also got two Gosh Jumbo Lip Gloss Pencils in 02 Flamenco Coral and 03 Gypsy Red.  Can't even begin to emphasise how much they resemble my beloved Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils.  Not so much colour wise, but in looks.  Behold:
Hello twin! Pictured are Gosh 01 Gypsy Rose and Nars Dragon Girl.

The formula of the Sleek lipstick is very creamy and moisturising, and the colour payoff is amazing.  That swatch is just a light swipe.

Am impressed with the Gosh pencils too - very glossy, glide on beautifully and lovely colours, although the range isn't huge.  Also picked up Gosh Darling which I LOVE.

It has certainly made the flat hunting a little bit sweeter today...

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