4 May 2010

My Make-Up Collection Part 1: Lip products

So I wanted to do a little series about my make-up and skincare collection, which I am commencing today with my lip products! Behold the amazing photographic and displaying skillz:
I'm sure some of you hardcore beauties will be blinking and double-taking and wondering if this is just the first of many lip product pictures, but no, for shame, that is it.  The result of my labours and pennies.  An interesting thing to come out of my little Projet du Jour is that it's really made me see what I have in my collection, the buying habits I fall into, and the colour patterns I stick to.  As you can see above, my seven lipsticks (and one tint) are in two definite camps: red and nude. Close up thus:
Clockwise from bottom left:
Rimmel - Birthday Suit
Maybelline Colour Sensational - Amber Rose
Revlon Matte - Strawberry Suede
Maybelline Moisture Drench - Fatal Red (I think this is right, but it's v old and label has rubbed off)
Natural Collection - Rose Red (not the actual name, but again, old, label, blah blah blah. Very sheer but bright and lovely)
Herbal Organics Lip Tint
Boots 17 - Chocolate Eclair
Boots 17 - Chocolate Suede

Et voila! C'est tout! Love and use them all.  The Boots 17 ones are quite drying, but good staying power as long as your lips are moisturised.  Not much else to say about them really.  I have realised that I could do with a peachy lipstick and a true pink one, so once my Project 10 Pan FINALLY ends, I shall be sniffing some suitable things out.

Close up of lip polishes:
Top left is Sleek in Pink Cadillac, and the bottom one is Electro Peach.  Both amazingly bright and vibrant glosses, brilliant payoff and staying power if a tad messy to apply.  The other one is my beloved Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry.  A very grown up hint of dark red which I use sparingly for fear of it ever running out.

Close up of lipglosses:
L - R:
A random Barbara Daly lip pencil that acts like a sort of primer.  A waxy, neutral pencil that smooths and kind of plumps my lips, good to wear alone or under colour.
Another Barbara Daly lip pencil, more of a full on colour pencil that just a liner. Colour is called Copper Ribbin I think.  Really nice bronze/terracotta.  I wish I still lived near a Tesco that stocks her range as I've never had a product from there that's disappointed. Dammit.
No7 Perfect Lips Liner in Red.  Exactly as you'd imagine it would be.
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Calliope, Damned and Dragon Girl.  Reviewed here.
No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in Smile. A freebie.  Lovely dolly pink gloss for neutral day look.
A trio of Natural Collection Juicy Lips glosses - love that 3 for £5 offer - which are pretty basic in terms of payoff and durability.  Nothing amazing at all but good for a freshen up swipe at your desk when you don't want anything dramatic going on. 
Very old, possibly now suspect, Juicy Tubes in Marshmallow. A bright fuschia that I used to wear loads but have rarely reached for in the last year.  Might have to wave bye bye to it soon.
H & M lipgloss. Surprisingly good product considering it was £3 and I only grabbed it whilst bored in the queue.  An opaque taupe gloss that is pretty sticky but once on, stays on. Worth it for a cheap thrill.

So that's Part 1 of My Make-Up Collection!  Tomorrow, Mascaras.  I bet you won't sleep now for the anticipation.

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