6 May 2010

My Mascara Collection

Part 2 of this thrilling series focusses on mascaras today.  My collection, in all its puny glory:
L-R: Collection 2000 Big Fake False Effect  - approx £7, depending on where you buy.
17 Ultimate Mascara - £4 approx
Max Factor Lash Extension - £9 approx
YSL Faux Cils - £20 approx
Max Factor False Lash Effect - £8 approx
Miss Sporty XXLong - £2 approx
Natural Collection Clear Mascara - £1.99
No7 Extreme Length - £7 approx

Surprisingly, my absolute favourite out of this lot is the cheapest: Miss Sporty XXLong.  I cannot stress just how brilliant this mascara is.  It lengthens, but CRUCIALLY, it grabs on at the roots and gives lovely depth to your lashes.  It applies brilliantly, doesn't flake or go crispy, and gives the perfect, luscious fan effect we all secretly wish was ours without the help of any wand.  I can't recommend this highly enough.  I go through stages of not bothering to look at Miss Sporty but everything I've ever bought from the range has completely impressed me, and it's seriously on the cheap side of the price highway.  Available at Superdrug. Crap picture of the wand:

Apart from the classic that is the YSL Faux Cils, I don't really have much to say about the rest.  They're all good in terms of defining and coating lashes, the Max Factor Lash Extension has a lovely long brush that reaches all lashes, but the one I'm most disappointed with is the Collection 2000 Big Fake on.  The brush is massive (see below) but the effect is nothing like what the brush promises.  Just a very standard effect I'm afraid, so fine, but not what it claims to be at all.

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