14 May 2010

Products I'm Loving Right Now

My very first products I'm loving right now post! *bows*  So, shall we begin?

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream.  I got this ages ago as part of a gift set when I bought the actual Eight Hour Cream, so it's a diddy one.  I ignored it for ages because I normally H.A.T.E. hand creams and the only one I've ever found that I love is the Clarins Hand and Nail cream.  However, this Elizabeth Arden one has been languishing sadly on my desk, peeping out from behind the pen pot every so often begging to be used, so a couple of weeks ago I gave it and tentatively smeared some onto my paws. And lo! 'tis love! Not too greasy (as long as you don't over-apply), has the same lovely medicinal smell as the Eight Hour cream itself, and keeps my skin soft and lovely for ages, even after washing.  Recommend.

2. Miss Sporty XXLong mascara.  I know I just mentioned this in My Mascara Collection post, but I can't get over how good and cheap this mascara is.  I just love it. I use it every day and can even whack on a few extra coats if I'm going straight out from work and it doesn't flake or clump.  Seriously am in love with this.

3. Chapstick.  I can't believe I've never actually used this most basic of basic lipbalms before now.  I got the plain Jane, non-flavoured one, and it's probably the best lipbalm I've ever used.  Doubt I'll bother using anything else again. Oh, and it's SPF 10.

4. Sleek make up.  I am a relative newcomer to the Sleek brand (stocked in Superdrug).  I kept reading so much about the palettes, which don't interest me at all, that I didn't bother exploring anything else they had to offer, and I've recently picked up a few products which are brilliant. I've got the Kajal and inkpot gel liners, both in black, which are stunningly good for the price, and I also got a blusher and a translucent finishing powder.  I'm so impressed with all of the products that I'm planning a separate post on them.

5. E.L.F. Cosmetics.  This post is very premature because I've literally only just placed my first ever order with E.L.F., so I will come back to do a full review, but I am just so gobsmacked by how cheap it all is that I don't think I'll be complaining too much about anything.  I didn't order any make up, apart from a couple of lip products; it was mainly tools, but a separate review will be coming soon.

6. Neals Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream. This is another sample item I've been meaning to use up.  I've just finished up a Neals Yard Power Berry moisturiser, which I also loved.  Frankincense is a lot richer and creamier in consistency, but doesn't make my skin oily at all, somehow. It's smells divine, sinks in quickly and leaves my skin soft and luminous. I really want to switch to using all Neals Yard products when I use up what I have at the moment, but I doubt I'll be able to afford it.  At around £20 for a moisturiser, I think I'll have to stick to grabbing samples as and when they turn up!

7. Redken Urban Experiment Velvet Gelatine.  I got this ages ago, and didn't actually get round to using it united fairly recently, and I can't believe I let my hair suffer without it for so long.  I'm not one for using loads of styling products and tools, so I like that this doesn't do anything specific, but it just makes my hair so unbelivably soft and shiny, and de-frizzes it and heat protects it too, all the while leaving me with completely natural wavy (or straight, depending on if I can be bothered to GHD it) hair that looks like there's no product in whatsoever. Love. It.

8. MAC Technakohl Liner in Earthline. A gorgeous taupe/brown with a very slight shimmer.  Perfect for daytime glamour and nighttime smokey eyes.

9. Natural Collection Juicy Lips in Raspberry Ripple.  Again, another product bought sometime last year but neglected until now.  A perfect raspberry pink, lovely and glossy and lasts a suprprisingly decent amount of time, especially considering it's only £1.99!

10. VO5 Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner.  Without a doubt, this is my favourite drugstore haircare brand.  Absolutely outstanding- lathers well, rinses out easily, smells yum, and leaves my hair completely soft and manageable, and not at all greasy.  I buy this range time and time again, and it's often on offer in Boots too. WIN.

So, there we have it.  My current favourite products.  What things are you loving right now?

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