7 May 2010

Project 10 Pan update

A few weeks ago I wrote about my first Project 10 Pan attempt, and so far so good (unless we talk about a little foray with Sleek and Mac *blush*) and I have used up a few things so far.  I am done with the DuWop Lip Venom - wouldn't bother re-purchasing -, the Neals Yard Power Berry moisturiser - absolutely loved this but it's probably a bit rich for my skin now the weather is warmer and the No7 Extreme Lash mascara.

I'm afraid to say that I just couldn't bear to keep using the Collection 2000 Lasting Finish foundation, so I chucked it, and instead am using up the mineral foundation from Collection 2000.  And, most excitingly, I finally, FINALLY, hit pan on the Benefit Dandelion powder.  It'll be some time before this is even close to finished but it's already getting more difficult to pick up product from around the edges, so we'll see how I fair with this.

I know I completely cheated when I got my Sleek and Mac things (seperate posts on both of these coming up) but I have enjoyed using a concentrated selection of products so far.  Certainly makes getting ready in the morning a hell of a lot easier!

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