10 May 2010

Topshop make up thoughts

So I have had three visits now to look at the new make-up line from Topshop, and have made just one purchase.  There's been a huge buzz around this line, but I have to say all of the reviews I've read have been a bit, well, meh.  There's a great range, colour-wise, of nail polishes, although nothing you can't already buy from brands like Barry M or Miss Sporty, and for cheaper, and the rest of the range offers lipsticks, glosses, lip crayons, eyeliners, bronzer, blush, skin tints and glows, and a lip and cheek tint.  There are also a small selection of baked eyeshadows, which I think are part of a collection so not sure if they'll be permanent fixtures.  The product I was most looking forward to trying was the Skin Tint.  It comes in four shade, from Fair to Dark, and I tested a few on my face in store.  Love the packaing, love the feel of the product, but sadly, it made absolutely no difference to the look of my skin whatsoever.  It's like a very light tinted moisturiser, but is so sheer that there was no difference on the side of my face I applied it to, to the bare side.  So, for £10, I'd say don't bother.

Swatch-wise, the lipsticks seem nice, as do the blushers, which are a cream to powder formulation.  Lollipop26, Mizz Worthy and Vex in the City have all reviewed these blushers, and I'm essentially in agreement.  Again, packaging is love, swatches and colours are nice but as soon as you blend them and work them into the skin, the colour all but disappears.  They're £6 each but I would strongly advise not purchasing online as I imagine these blushes will be very different depending on skin tone. 

The one thing I did buy, which I only saw for the first time on my third look, was the highlighter powder in Sunbeam.  It only comes in this gorgeous gold, and is very similar to the lovely Natural Radiance Highlighter by No7, which I never managed to get my hands on. Swatch with flash, which is the best representation of colour:
I do love this and it looks great across the top of cheekbones, but it is slightly on the grainy side.  I don't have much experience of highlighting powders but it's not particularly finely milled.  It was £8 for 6.5g of product, which isn't expensive but it's not super cheap either.  The only other products I would consider purchasing from the range would be the two crayons in Moonshine and Sun Shower.  They are amazingly pigmented, like molten silver/gold, and were £7 each.  What are your thoughts on the range?

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