15 June 2010

17 Mirror Shine lipsticks

So I am on a buying ban right now (am on my second Project 10 Pan, only this time it's Project 22 Pan!) but just before I imposed that, I picked up some of the lipsticks from the 17 range from Boots.  It's their new Mirror Shine range, and I saw them about two weeks ago, and went back last week when they had a 3 for 2 offer on.  I got three shades - annoyingly, the actual three I wanted weren't there - and am yet again going to display my staggering photography skills with my little set of pictures I took.  So first, the lipsticks with flash:
From left to right, we have Nudie Peach, Belle and Flirtini.  Now without flash:
Again, Nudie Peach, Belle and Flirtini.  Nudie Peach is exactly as it sounds - a lovely peachy beige nude.  Belle is a natural pink, bordering on a dusty rose I think, and Flirtini is a bright fuschia pink.  These are very sheer, so if you're not a fan of lots of colour, these are perfect for lifting your natural lip colour and adding a splash of tint to your face.  They are also, as the name suggests, extremely shiny.  Demonstration with flash:
And now without!:
Nudie Peach, Belle and Flirtini.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  I'm so pleased I got them.  I'm not a fan of lipgloss as I hate the sticky gloopy hair on lip thing that usually occurs, so for me, this gives the nice glossy finish but with a weightless and stickless feel of lipstick.  They're nice and moisturising too, so I would probably categorise them more as tinted lipbalms.  They're brilliant.  I fully plan to sneak back to get the other three shades I actually wanted, if and when I ever complete this mammoth Project 22 Pan extravaganza.

The Mirror Shine lipsticks are priced at £4.49 each from Boots, but hurry now and they're on 3 for 2!

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