16 June 2010

Mini Boots Haul

I suppose it's high time I did a haul post, so I'm starting with something deeply exciting...a Boots haul!  I got these bits a few weeks ago but hadn't actually used them until more recently, so now I can show you what I got and give you some little thought pearls to go with them. So, here's what I got:
Three nail polishes from the 17 Lasting Fix range.  Not a fan of these.  Very thick to apply, sickly sweet colours that don't compliment my skin tone, and, for me, not long lasting at all.  A shame, I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative to my OPI obsession, but not yet!  Swatches:
Annoyingly, I can only remember the name of the light pink one, which is Fairy Pink.  The others are packed away in boxes (I'm moving house on Friday) but I think the orange one is called Sherbert Orange, and no idea about the hot pink one, which on reflection is probably the only one I'd wear again.  Fairy Pink is much brighter in real life.  A proper Barbie pink.  I've had tons of compliments on it but I just hate it.  It's like wearing Pepto Bismol tabs on my fingers. PUKE.  The polishes are £2.99 each, but, as usual, I bought these during a 3 for 2 offer.
Next up, I finally managed to find the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  I've been hunting for this for a while but it's usually sold out, so I'm glad I've now got it.  I'm not going to bother with a detailed review.  You all know how fabulous this is, and it hasn't disappointed at all.
The blush is a pink one from Miss Sporty - again, packed it away like a good girl and then forgot the name - naughty.  It's a flattering baby pink though - I was looking for a replacement for my Benefit Dandelion which I finally finished up (if by finish you count the last bit that I accidentally smashed and then dropped in the sink) but I didn't want anything really expensive.  This was £1.99 I think.  It's not hugely pigmented but I find that with sheerer blushes, if you want to build up colour, using a flat-topped brush works really well to push the colour into your skin.  I'm currently using my E.L.F. complexion brush - which, FYI, is AMAZING - and it gives a really nice, natural flush to my cheeks.
Last item is a No7 eye pencil in a grey colour - could this post BE more helpful? I really like these No7 pencils; they come with a smudger on the other end.  They're creamy, pigmented and last really well.  This costs about £8 I think, but I bought it with one of the £5 till spits, which is the only time I buy No7 things, and they last a long time, so in my opinion, well worth it.

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