3 June 2010

Nars Orgasm vs Milani Luminous

I know this isn't exactly an original post, but I found the Milani Luminous blush by chance a couple of days ago at Beauty Base in Westfield, and so thought I may as well do the obligatory compare and contrast to Nars Orgasm.

Side by side 1 (and not helpful at all):
The Milani blush cost me £3.99.  The Nars blush cost me £18.50.  Milani 1, Nars 0.

On first look, they are pretty damn similar.  The Milani blush is a bit lighter and pinker in the pan, but not massively different at all.  See:
I'm not sure Annie Leibovitz has anything to worry about.  My photos aren't doing a brilliant job here, are they?  Now for the science bit! I swirled my finger round in each, and I have to say, despite more kick up of product, the Milani blush felt distinctly smoother and less gritty than the Nars.  I was surprised as I'd never have described the Nars as gritty before.  Now, for the brilliant swatch photo:
The Milani is on the left.  As you can see, it is pinker and lighter than Orgasm, but in real life, there's not much in it.  The Nars is definitely more pigmented, and has more of a gold sheen to it, but the Milani is a brilliant dupe for one of the most famous blushers in the land.  On application, the Milani is subtle and gives a nice glowy sheen to cheeks and cheekbones.  It's lighter than the Nars but I like it a lot.  The Nars I think is better for evening or for when I have a tan.

I have to say, I'm not sure I get what all the fuss is about Orgasm.  It is an undeniably pretty blush but I was expected to be wowed by it and to use it all the time and repurchase, blah blah blah, but I hardly ever reach for it and when I do, it's not that amazing.  I like the Milano Luminous blush a lot, and would absolutely repurchase, but as a blush in its own right, not just as a dupe.

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