4 July 2010

Mac Stereo Rose MSF

So, I wasn't, and then I was, and then I wasn't, then I was, and blah blah blah I was boring myself, so on Thursday, I hotfooted it to the Mac Pro Store in Foubert's Place and got me some Stereo Rose.  If I'm honest, 95% of the reason I bought this is because of the hype, and I'm kicking myself because I NEVER IN MY LITTLE LIFE have bought make-up of any particular value based purely on hype.  But what can I say?  I was feeling ruinous.

As I'm sure you all already know, Mac's Stereo Rose MSF has been re-released as part of the new In The Groove collection.   I wasn't interested in anything else in the collection, and have never even owned an MSF before, so quite why I got such a bee in my bonnet about owning this one is beyond me, but them's the breaks if you're going to tool about reading blogs and watching YT videos.

Brilliant picture number 1:

Stereo Rose costs £19.50, which is the most I've ever spent on a single item of make up.  I need results.

Brilliant picture number 2:

It is a pinky coral with a gold/copper vein running through it.  It is undeniably yum, but still...£19.50?  As I said, I need results.  I swatched in the shop and bought it and ran home cackling all the way at my triumph purchase, and got home and swatched some more (and did the outstanding photoshoot with it) and looked at it and oohed and aahed and swatched some more.  Behold:

It looks like Mars.
As I hope you can see, it's a lovely subtle pinky peach with gold sheen running through it. I don't seem to have any chunky glitter going on which is great, and I do really like it.  BUT.  I am admitting complete Make-Up Ignorance here...I don't really know how best to apply it.  Do I use it like a normal blusher? Do I use it on top of my normal blusher? Do I use it as a highlight?  Help!  I feel like such an idiot, but I am just not completely sure how to make this work best.  I have medium skin that currently has a tan.  I can carry a decent amount of make-up but don't want to look overdone.

Any advice would be brilliant please as I don't want to be the dick who uses her MSF as a finishing powder or something...*blush*

 Despite my numptyness, I do think Stereo Rose is a gorgeous product, and one that you MSF experts will no doubt be getting, or will already have.


  1. I plan to use stero rose as a blush/highlight, they give u that glowy look and colour. Application wise you could look at a fan brush because they are not as densley packed they will apply the product more lightly. I have other msfs such as by candlelight that i use as more of a highlighty colour due to the colour of it and my skin tone, for tht i use a mac 130 brush but it depends on what you like and what you have, hope this wasnt too rambly x

  2. I think this would be good to use as a blush and not so much a highlighter since it's darker compared to By Candlelight.

  3. Thank you for the fan brush advice Charlotte - great idea. I had a go last night and it looked not bad!

    Kristie: Is By Candlelight worth getting as a highlighter? I did look at it but wasn't sure.


  4. I definitely think so since it has this soft glow/sheen on the skin. If you have a chance to hit the counters, I'd check it out just to make sure b/c it's different on each skintone. I'm NC25/30 for reference and I thought it's a great highlight on the cheekbones.

  5. I think I would probably apply it in just the same way I would a blush and then not bother with a highlighter on top. This one is such a stunning colour, can't believe I haven't seen it! I've got the MSF in Soft and Gentle, and I do like it, but it's a bit pale for me (it's a champagne highlighter) - I actually would have preferred something like this. I also got the Mineralize blush in Gleeful, which was a mistake purchase as I picked it up at the airport, post long-haul flight, which is never a good idea. It's much too much of a reddy-pink and I find it too dark, so I don't often wear it.
    Mel x