3 July 2010

Tag - What is your beauty style?

Well, this is *extremely* exciting and unexpected.  Lovely Ms. Lipglossiping has popped my tag cherry with this mini quiz (I know it's not techincally a quiz but I love a quiz, especially when I know all the answers).  So, without further ado...

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
As natural but flawless as possible I think.  I don't wear masses of make up, but what I do wear is in the vain attempt to give me glowing and perfect skin, enhance my natural features, and maybe add a nice swipe of lip colour.  Definitely not trendy - I don't think I've ever tried to copy a look in my life - and not particularly adventurous either, just the best version of me I can be.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
Well, having said I don't copy looks or trends, I'm not really sure where I get my inspiration from.  Or at least I don't know where I got it from before I discovered all the YouTube beauty people.  I think it's more a case of me seeing a product I want, and working out how I could make it work for me.  Oh, and Audrey Hepburn, obvos.  Who doesn't?

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
Probably lip products, which is weird because they're my least favourite beauty product (on a scale of LITERALLY MY FAVOURITEST BEAUTY PRODUCT EVER to ONE OF MY FAVOURITE EVER BEAUTY PRODUCTS). Lip balms in particular. Obsessed.

4. What's your favourite/Holy Grail colour for:
Eyes: An 'enhanced' nude: Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork is my all time favourite.

Lips: A pinky red: Barbara Daly had an amazing gloss pot that I used up and can't get any more. Also love Pink Cadillac by Sleek and Mac's Speak Louder.

Cheeks: Taupe/nude.  Currently obsessed with Blushbaby, Instant Chic and Taupe for contouring.

Nails: Nude. OPI Barefoot in Barcelona is my HG nail colour. Although Zoya Max and Essie Bordeaux are runners up for colour.

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:

E.L.F. - I wish I'd never discovered it.  Am well on the way to becoming their main benefactor I think.  Particularly love the eyeshadow brush, the Mineral Infused Face Primer, the HD powder and the mineral lipsticks.

Mac - their Paint Pots and blushers are now staples.

17 - I wouldn't normally choose 17, but their Mirror Shine lipsticks are fan-frigging-tastic.  I have six and love and wear them (not all at once) every day.

Et voila! J'ai complete le tag!  Hope that was a little insight into my make up mind. 

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  1. Thanks for doing my tag lovely, it was great to read about your beauty style! xx