21 August 2010

Mac Paint Pots

It's the weekend! It's the weekend again tomorrow!  This is great news! This morning I have been busy planting some lovely poppies for my window boxes, and I didn't even mind when I got soil in my nails, but now, having re-grouped and manicured myself, I want to talk to you about possibly my favourite items in my make up collection: my Mac Paint Pots.  I have four of these little pots of wonder, the first two of which were the first ever items I bought from Mac.
L-R: Groundword, Constructivist, Quite Natural and Indianwood.

Groundword and Constructivist were the first ones I bought, about 5 years ago.  The first thing I have to say about these Paint Pots are that they last FOR. EVER.  I have used Groundword fairly reguarly since I've had it and it's not even half finished yet.  They're neverending.  The consistency is almost like a lipbalm - cream, but not so creamy you could sink your finger into the product.  You also need hardly any to get a good colour wash on the eye.  Once applied, the Paint Pots don't budge until you remove them, making them great to use as a base as well as for the colour.  Here's what they look like in the pots:

This is without flash, as it gives the truest representation of what they look like.

Groundwork: a brown/nude.  On my skin (medium, not sure but I imagine I'm around an NW25) it's almost a match for my skin tone.  I use this on its own for a clean eye finish, or as a base for my nude and brown shadows.

Constructivist: I use this the least.  It's reddish brown, but it very dark unless used with a light hand.  It looks great all round the eye for a slightly edgier finish, but I don't get as much use out of this one as the others.

Quite Natural: this is my favourite.  Although it looks and swatches a really deep chocolate brown, for some reason on the eye it's very subtle and just gives a great depth to the socket, and looks neat and sophisticated without being over the top.  Love it.

Indianwood: This is so beautiful, giving almost a foiled effect.  It's a bronze with some pink and gold undertones, and looks stunning with a tan and/or black liner.  This works nicely as a base to give some extra iridescence to a basic shadow.

Swatches, in the same L-R order:
This is with flash.  LOOK AT INDIANWOOD IT'S SO PRETTY NOM NOM NOM.  Quite Natural (2nd from right) really isn't this dark when applied on the eye, so don't be scared of it.  It's truly a great eye colour that would suit anybody.

I'm pretty happy with my little Paint Pot collection; I wish I'd picked up Coral Crepe from the recent Pret a Papier collection, but will have to live with myself.  I did buy Painterly a while ago but it's far too pale for me so I gave it to my sister instead. 

What Paint Pots are your favourites?


  1. I just got Bare Study and I love it. Just simple, pretty and sheer - I can't get enough. That and Painterly are the only ones in my collection as yet, but I plan to extend it!


  2. I just bought Constructivist and it's vrey pretty !

  3. After reading this post I bought the Mac Rubanesque paint pot.

    It makes my life a wonderful place to be.