7 August 2010

Mac Speak Louder and Brave Red lipsticks

So I had quite a good day at work yesterday and had some good news, so after work, on the way to meet a friend for dinner, I decided to take a mini detour to the Pro Store in Fouberts Place and get myself two lovely lipsticks.  I tend to read about the same Mac lipsticks again and again on blogs - Hue, Myth, Creme de Nude, Snob - and sometimes it's easy to forget that there are so many other beautiful colours waiting to be discovered and shown some love.

The two I went for are Speak Louder and Brave Red.  Both are cremesheens.  Speak Louder is a blue-toned pink, one I've wanted for ages.  It's not a baby, milky pink.  It's bright but subtle, and really perks up a subdued make-up look.  Brave Red is one I hadn't seen before, but knew I'd love it as soon as I swatched it.  It's a cherry red with blue undertones, and I absolutely love it.

This picture somehow makes them look brighter and darker than they actually are, but this swatch picture is much closer to the real deal.
PRETTY, non?! I think Speak Louder is still showing up a bit too fuchsia-esque here, but it's not a bad example of the real colour.

What are your favourite, and maybe underrated, Mac lipsticks?

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