18 August 2010

NYX Haul: the sequel

So, I recently posted about my first ever haul from NYX, courtesy of Cherry Culture.  I love and use all the products I got from that little swoop, and was so impressed with the NYX brand that shortly after I received those products, I placed another, smaller order.  Here's the stuff I got.
The B09 Flat brush, three Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk, Black Bean and Horse Raddish, two Jumbo Lip Pencils in Pink Nude and Soft Fuschia, the Eyeshadow Base in B03 Skin Tone, and finally the Mosaic Powder in 04 Peachy. 

The Jumbo Eye Pencils seem to be standout products from the NYX range, at least in terms of what I'd read about, and so I was keen to try those.  Milk is talked about a lot, so I picked that up, but ultimately, as a white eye pencil, I'm not sure what I'll use it for.  Possibly as a base? I don't know - suggestions welcome!  I am impressed with the consistency and pigmentation of these eye pencils. They're very soft, smooth and creamy and the colours are rich.  Black Bean is just a great black eyeliner, easily smudgeable and deep colour, but Horse Raddish I'm disappointed in.  The shade of green is pretty true to the one on the website, but it's s frost green, which I hate.  I'm sad because if it was just a pure green, it might be my new favourite thing, so that's a shame.

The Jumbo Lip Pencils are pretty similar to the eye pencils in terms of consistency and pigmentation, however, again the Pink Nude is a frost - yeuch - and the Soft Fuschia is absolutely nothing like the colour swatch on the site.  I was expecting, and hoping for, a bright purple pink, a little like Show Orchid, but it actually a deep rose pink.  Not what I wanted.

As you can see from the swatches, the colours are not lacking in pigmentation - this is one quick swipe of each - but Horse Raddish and Pink Nude are not sometthing I would ever choose, and Soft Fuschia is just not what I anticipated.

The Mosaic Powder is actually a lovely peachy nude matte powder, which you can just see on the far left, next to Milk.  I'm looking forward to using this as a day-to-day blusher.  It's soft, not chalky and there isn't any kick up of product when you use it.  Feels and 'acts' a lot more expensive than it is.

The Eyeshadow Base is really just a standard product.  Once I've put it to a true test I will report back on how it performs with eyeshadow.

Finally, the Flat Brush. This is annoying.  I meant to buy their Flat Topped brush, which I wanted for applying liquid foundation, but somehow added the Flat Brush instead, which to me is a pointless addition to my brush collection.  I don't need another powder/shadow brush, and it' s a weird size: too big for eyeshadow, not big enough for blusher or highlight.  I may use it to paint small walls instead, I don't know.

So, that's it.  Not nearly as much of a success as the last haul, but still a couple of products that I do like and will use.  All this cost me around £26, incluing shipping.


  1. Sorry to hear you got the wrong brush :( Mind you...you never know when you might need to paint a reeeealllly small wall! It might come in handy one day! lol

    I've been wanting to get some of the eye pencils for ages now. A few of the blues and purples look really nice.

  2. @Ms.Wedgie It's annoying, but not the end of the world as they were so cheap! The pencils are great quality for the price. Let me know which colours you get!x