8 August 2010

NYX Haul

So I recently dipped my toe into NYX waters, courtesy of a huge sale PLUS a 20% off discount code at Cherry Culture.  Got quite a few things, so let's start with a picture of everything in one go (mainly because I like arranging things in patterns on the table).
So we have the Super Fat Eye Marker liquid liner in Black, two Rouge Cream blushes (dupes for Mac, so I'm told) in Glow and Natural, a lip liner in Natural, and 8 (I know, I got excited) Tinted Lip Spas.  All of this, including shipping (which took about 3 weeks) cost me about $58, which was about £35, so I was thrilled.  Because there are quite a few pictures with this, I won't go into much detail about the products, but let's just say that I can't believe they are so cheap because the colour and quality of every single one is outstanding.  I've been using everything regularly since I got the order, and will definitely be ordering more NYX stuff in the near future.

Firstly, the Super Fat Marker liner: Nice pointed felt nib, easy to apply, great colour with only one quick swipe:
Picture of the nib:
This lasts a really long time too, and doesn't really smudge much, unless you DRAG your finger over it, which I don't tend too much during the day.

The Natural automatic lipliner isn't anything groundbreaking but is a nice nude, which I use as a base for when I wear Mac's Honeylove lipstick.  See my FOTD post here where I'm wearing both.
I like automatic lipliners: they just seem easier to apply and you don't end up wasting product when you sharpen them.  Swatch of the liner.  It's quite a cool pink/nude, almost grey, so I would only use it under a pigmented lipstick.
Next, the Rouge Cream blushes in Glow and Natural.  I've never used a cream blush before, and have always been a bit wary of them with my oily skin.  Here's swatches:
Natural on the left, Glow on the right.  Very pigmented and scarier looking in the picture than they are in real life.  They're lovely and smooth, and very easy to blend into the skin.  Blended out, this is what they look like:
These are lovely blushes, and I am pleased I got them, but I think Glow is maybe a bit too pink for me.  I apply them with my fingers, or with a flat-topped E.L.F. if I wanted a sleeker look.  As look as I put finishing powder over the top, these don't enhance any oiliness on my face at all.

So, last but by no means least, the Tinted Lip Spas.  These. Are. BRILLIANT.  Tinted lip conditioners, which these are, are my favourite type of lip product.  These are sheer but do deposit a noticeable amount of colour onto the lips, and keep them glossy and soft, as well as lasting for a good couple of hours, sometimes more.
This picture makes me happy.  L-R: Copacabana, Spirit, Vintage, Blush, Jewel, Orange Passion, Sake and Juicy.  LOVE. SWOON. KISS.  They are all so so so so pretty, and flattering to any skin tone. Swatches:
This is with flash. Starting at the bottom, products are in the same order as above.  As you can see, they are sheer and glossy, but with a good amount of pigmentation.
Without flash:
These kind of remind me of the effects that the Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks give, so if you like those, you'll LOVE these.
So, my huge NYX Haul.  Hope you enjoyed seeing that - what other NYX products are worth looking at?

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