24 September 2010

17 Mardi Gras eyeshadow

I don't know why, but kicking around my local Boots the other day, I spent a lot of time poking through the 17 display, and came up with this, the single eyeshadow in Mardi Gras.
Yay, sideways pictures FTW!  It was £3.49, and the solo eyeshadows come in neat little pots with a screw top lid.
17 seem to have really upped their game recently.  A lot of their products have had a makeover, obviously, and look a lot better quality than they used to.  The Mirror Shine lipsticks which were released earlier this year are still one of my favourite buys of 2010, and this eyeshadow might also be in the running for a great purchase made by me.  Mardi Gras is in the taupe/brown family, and it has a nice shimmer to it.  Normally, I avoid all things shimmery and glittery like the plague, but this appealed to me and I'm loving it so far.
I also really like the way it looks in the pan, which is basically a lot more high end than it actually is.  I have been wearing this over a light smear of Quite Natural Paint Pot from Mac, which brings out a nice depth to the colour and looks lovely for the day or evening. 

I don't own it, but this may well also be a good dupe for the infamous Satin Taupe shadow?  You'll have to let me know, but either way, this is a great neutral shade that I think would suit anybody.

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