2 September 2010

August Favourites

So August came and went in a blur of wind, rain and the merest hint of sunshine. It was a bit of a
washout sadly, but I have been using a clutchful of lovely products to keep me happy and, hopefully,
pretty whilst the weather has not kept up its end of the bargain.

No7 Smoky Eyeliner

I reviewed this here. Have used it so often since I bought it that my other eyeliners have all
got the hump and are considering taking this Smokey Eyeliner down. Which they would
totally do if they were people. Which they are.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix

Again, I reviewed this quite a while ago on here – do have a read. It’s a gorgeous, grown up
lip balm that instantly sorts out dry and sore lips, and I love the little white pot. This will be
on my birthday list for ever more.

Mac Blushbaby blusher

It’s a beautiful subtle pink/coral, really easy to wear and looks very natural. Works best applied with a flat-topped brush and buffed really well into the skin.

L’Oreal Matte Morphose foundation

Yet again, I reviewed this ages ago and didn’t love it at the time, but now the weather has
(supposedly) been warmer, this has been working really well for me. I apply it with a No7
foundation brush, over moisturiser and the E.L.F. mineral primer, and it looks amazing.
Pretty flawless, does a good job of filling in my pores, and with a light dusting of powder
to set, stays matte all day. I wouldn’t recommend using this is in the winter months though
unless you don’t suffer at all from dry skin. It clings onto dry skin like a tramp to a whisky

Sleek ONE Finishing Powder

This is the powder I’ve been using every single day. It’s got the slightest (and I mean barely
visible) shimmer, which gives skin a lovely glow. It’s translucent, but looks peach in the pan.
I probably won’t repurchase, just because I have two E.L.F. HD powders waiting for some
love, and having used that before, I know that there really isn’t another powder in that price
range on the market that’s better.

E.L.F. contour brush

I cannot speak highly enough about the E.L.F. studio line of brushes. I have them all I think
and use them every day. This contour brush is a lovely fluffy round brush that gets right into
the eye crease so is amazing for blending and placing colour there. Love.

E.L.F. powder brush

Again, another amazing brush from the studio line. I actually have two, one to apply

liquid foundation, and the other which I use to buff blusher into my cheeks. I am slightly
disappointed though because the one I use for powder has started to come loose; I fear any
day now the brush part it going to come away from the handle and I’ll have to devote several
hours to supergluing it back together. Sad.

17 Mirror Shine lipstick in Nudist Peach

Despite having six of these pretties to choose from, I always come back to this one. It’s a
warm nude that looks great whatever make-up I’m wearing.

I thought I’d do my top three non-make up items too seeing as I’ve been wearing these three
every single day pretty much!

Small gold studs – Accessorize

In February this year, my house got right royally burgled, and the swines took all of my
jewellery; things I’d got as presents from family and friends and the OH, and things that I’d
spent more money on than usual. So I was pretty upset, as you can imagine. Since then, I’ve
barely worn much jewellery; I’ve bought a few pieces from this store on Etsy, and have been
wearing those on rotation, and in terms of earrings, I’ve been sticking to gold, silver or faux
diamond studs. This month, these ones have been feeling the love from me. Love a simple

Zara black bag

This has been my most extravagant purchase of late, but it is £80 of pure bliss. I didn’t have
a good black bag in my life, and this fits the bill perfectly. I can jam all manner of crap into it
and it looks sleek and smart at all times, even if the inside looks like a nightmare.

Tan flats - Monsoon

These were purchased on a whim about four months ago, and have barely left my feet since. The
leather is so unbelievably soft, that they feel like I’m wearing slippers. I love a tan shoe; they look
smart and classic and go with everything. I liked them even more when I came back from holiday as
my legs were almost the same colour.

So that’s what I’ve been swooning over in August – let me know what products have reached the top
of your list this month!

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