21 September 2010

Benefit Porefessional

For as long as I can remember (about an hour back on a good day) I have been plagued with enlarged pores across my nose, cheeks and chin.  I religiously cleanse and splash copious amounts of cold water on my face after showering, and use oil-free products and primer and blah blah blah, but nothing has ever really dealt with the problem, or covered it up sufficiently for my liking.  Recently, I have been using up my L'Oreal Matte Morphose foundation, and that does a fairly decent job of poly-filling my crater face, but I am constantly on the lookout for a product that will turn me from pore to phwoar*.  When I read about the release of Porefessional from Benefit, my little heart done a leap, and I eagerly awaited the day I could get my paws (so many) on it.

I ordered mine from my trusty enablers, HQ Hair, and it cost £23.50, so I had justifiably high hopes.  And...it sort of hasn't lived up to my expectations.  I like the packaging - it comes in a neat little tube, and you get 22ml of product for your dough.

You also get a little pamphlet demonstrating how you can apply it.  You can put it on underneath make up, over moisturiser, or you can pat it on top of your foundation and do that throughout the day if you need a top up.  I apply it after my moisturiser and primer and give it a minute or two before putting foundation on top.  In terms of colour, it's a light beige in appearance but is colourless once on the skin.

Consistency is light, almost like a mousse texture, and you can't feel it at all once it's applied.  Now, onto the science bit.  Does it improve the appearance of my pores? Yes and no.  If I use the amount shown above to do my nose and surrounding cheek bits, which is where I really need it, it makes pretty much no difference at all.  If I apply maybe triple that amount, then yes, my pores are visibly reduced.  But given how much this cost, I don't really want to spank the whole tube in about a month by applying tons of it everyday, so I am disappointed that it's only effective - on me - when I use quite a lot.

Paired with my L'Oreal Matte Morphose, which claims to have the same pore-shrinking qualities, this makes for a pretty flawless face.  However, I've pretty much used that foundation up and am about to move full time to Bourjois Healthy Mix, and having used just that today, I've seen no difference in my pores.

Would I recommend this? If you can afford it (or like me shut your eyes and pretend it's not spending) then yes, it's not a bad product.  However, it's by no means essential and you're probably better off spending £12.50 on the Clinique Pore Minimiser instead, which is possibly still the best product of its kind on the market.

Have any of you tried it? What results did you get?

*I know, I impress myself sometimes.

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