11 September 2010

Mac Haul

So I put a little mound of pennies aside this month to buy myself some bits from Mac that I've wanted for a while, and on Wednesday I finally got them.  Three of the items are from the permanent line, and one is from the new Fabulous Felines collection, which I'll talk about a bit more further down.  So, using a very stylish piece of red licquorice as a prop, here's what I got.
Taupographic Shadestick (Permanent), Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On The Hunt (LE), lipstick in Ramblas Red (Amplified, Permanent), lipstick in Russian Red (Matte, Permanent).

I have one other Shadestick, in Sharkskin, and love using it as an eyeshadow base (with a primer) to give depth to my coloured shadows.  I really wish I'd been more into Mac when Penny Shadestick was released, as I love the look of that, but Taupographic is a welcome addition to my life.  It's a shimmery pinky bronze/copper, more than a classic taupe colour.  Shadesticks go on very pigmented and stay put for hours, and because this colour is so pretty, I'll happily wear it on its own as well as underneath a shadow.
Now, the Superslick Liquid Eye Liner.  THIS is something special.  It's absolutely the perfect liquid liner for me.  The applicator is a really fine sponge applicator, the colour is so pigmented you don't need to go over the line once it's drawn on (above is one swipe), it stays put for a very long time with no smudging, and it's basically ideal for cack-handed people like me who can't do lovely fancy Pixiwoo-esque flicks and effects with a liquid liner.  I urge all you liquid liner lovers out there to check this out.  It comes in several other colours - the Fabulous Felines collection is split into three parts - like grey, gold and burgundy and olive, so there should be something for everyone.  It's seriously gorgeous and I really hope Mac will make this part of their permanent line. PLEASE BE LISTENING MAC GODS.

So the Fabulous Felines collection was one I was really looking forward to.  All the colours looked right up my street, especially the Leopard Luxe line, and so I was waiting for its release with baited breath.  However, once it was out, for some reason I just didn't  buy anything.  I actually think it's one of the best Mac collections ever in terms of wearability, but having spent a long time looking at swatches online, I think there's so much I could make use of, but none of it is essential to my collection.  I'f I'd been feeling flush, I'd have picked up the eyeshadow quads from Leopard Luxe and Burmese Beauty, a Lithe pigment, the other Superslick liners and possibly the Mineralize blush in The Soft Meow (mainly for the name) but it's so expensive to really get stuck into a collection and I just couldn't justify the expense right now.  The other problem I think is that there's just so many products in the collection (47, excluding brushes) that it's a bit overwhelming, so rather than delve in and get involved, I've let it go by unexplored.  However, if you're new to Mac or are a total 'classic colours' wearer when it comes to make-up, this collection is made for you.  Easy to wear shades, good range of items and enough of everything to build your very own mini collection to set you up for a long time.

The two lipsticks, Ramblas Red and Russian Red, are from the permanent line.  I'm having a love affair with red lipstick at the moment.  A while ago I got Brave Red, also from the permanent line, and these we the next two on my list.  Now, admittedly, they look pretty much the same shade in the photos.  Behold:
Ramblas Red on the right, Russian Red on the left.  The key difference is the finish.  As Russian Red is a Matte, the finish is, well, matte.  No prizes for intelligence here.  Ramblas Red has a lovely creamy sheen to it, and feels very moisturising on the lips.  I'd say Russian Red is slightly brighter, more in your face, and definitely not for the faint-hearted.  Ramblas Red is very sophisticated and could be worn anywhere, but anyone I'd say. 

I'm really pleased with both of them, although that's only because I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them.  If you're not sure about reds, or only wear them occasionally, you really don't need both, and I'd probably choose Ramblas Red if I could only have one.

So that's my little haul for you; any products you've picked up from Mac recently that are rocking your world?


  1. I think i need that shadestick!I recently rememberd that i had sharkskin shade stick and im really enjoying using it! Great haul xx