24 September 2010

NYX Lip Lacquer Pots

Ages and ages and yonks ago, I discovered Nars Lip Lacquer pots.  I lusted after Capucine, Chelsea Girls and Hot Wired, but given that I'm not a big fan of lip gloss, much less sticky, tacky, get your fingers dirty, lip gloss at that, I decided that £17 a pop was too much to spend on something that I knew was just a fad.  So I forgot about them, and then a few weeks ago, during an innocent trip to Cherry Culture, I spied, these, the NYX Lip Lacquer pots.
I snapped up three, a snip at $6 each.  At the time of ordering, there was also a 20% off sale, so my total order, including shipping, came to something like $19.  Not. Too. Shabby.  The colours I got were:
L-R: Sweet Pea, Coral-Licious, Georgia Peach
The pots are very similar to the Nars Lip Lacquer pots, but naturally these are a lot flimsier and cheaper.  Still, a nice size to carry around and use on the go.  The colours are nice in the pot, and the product isn't as sticky as I thought it might be.  Pigmentation on all of them isn't amazing, but I suppose that's to be expected from a lower end range.
They are all pretty in the pot, but the one I like the least is Georgia Peach (on the right).  It's a very light, milky, baby peach, and that just does not work on me at all.  Annoyingly, I've lost the pictures I took with swatches, but to be honest, none of them show up that well on me anyway.  Coral-Licious will be saved for use in the summer, and Sweet Pea will be just a pretty, every day kind of gloss.  I wouldn't buy these again but for a little rainy day pick-me-up, they have done the job nicely.

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