20 October 2010

Autumn Ins & Outs

My favourite season is finally, truly, here. Bye bye sweaty Tube journeys, sliding make up and serious body envy when you follow some Gisele-esque thing in a denim mini down the street.  HELLO scarves, hats, stews and candles.  So, here are my favourite, and not so favourite, things of the moment.

- Lanolips.  I ordered the 101 Ointment, the plain, colourless version, two weeks ago from Victoria Health, and have used it every day since.  It has dealt with the dry, flakiness that was settling in to stay until March, and has left me with smooth and soft lips that make the perfect base for my next favourite.

- Red lipstick.  I love red lips in the winter; all I need is some moisturiser, a fur hat and a dream, and I'm off.  Currently loving Mac's Ramblas Red and a tinted balm from Herbal Organics.

- Candles.  Nothing makes me happier on a winter's eve than to get home, close the curtains, light a few candles and let the whole house fill with a warm glow and gorgeous scent.  My top picks are Diptyque's Feu de Bois, Jonathan Ward's Kiss in Rio and Muji's Wild Berry.  Glass of wine an optional but highly recommended extra.

- Stew/casserole/puddings.  This is the season for huge bubbling pots on the stove, filled with rich and hearty stews, soups and custardy-type goodness.  I care not about the extra layer of goose fat that will cling to my frame, just gimme a spoon and leave me to it.

- Hair masks.  Cold, windy and rainy weather is not terribly conducive to the sleek 'do that I am seeking, so by the time October rolls around, I've whipped out my hair masks to restore some softness and shine to my bashed about locks.  The one I'm currently using is Umberto Giannini's Overnight Beauty Balm.  Smother it all over (your hair), pop on an attractive shower cap, and is so rich that in the time it's taken to heat and eat a stew, your hair will be somewhat restored.  For best results, I leave it on overnight and rinse out in the morning.


- Flip flops and vest tops.  Just the mere thought makes me want to dive into a hot bath and never come out.  Bring on the wool please.

- Corals.  Although I don't particularly stick to a 'summer make up' and 'winter make up' look in terms of colours, there's just something about coral that doesn't work for me in the colder months.  I have pushed my tangerine and peach and hot orange colours to the back of my drawer for now, and will wait until I'm not the colour of an opal until I break them out again.

- Pastels.  Again, I wouldn't necessarily only wear pastel colours in the summer, but I think the early part of the year was so dominated by mint and peach and lilac and baby blue that I'm just sick to death of it for the time being.  I want aubergines and teals and forest greens now please.

- Being cold.  The one main downside to Autumn and Winter.   Am currently spamming James Dyson with my plans for heated tights and electric head warmers.  Will keep you posted.

What are your favourite things about the colder months?

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  1. I totally agree with you on the makeup colours. I'm definitely in the Autumn/ Winter camp and whilst I think you can wear any colour any time brights just aren't doing it for me anymore x