27 October 2010

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Make Up

Do you ever have one of those days where you think "Nothing else will make me happy apart from a pointless, needless sweep around a couple of beauty counters, where I shall spend money I do not have on products I do not need?"  Well, I am guessing, as you have made the effort to seek out a whole blog dedicated to beauty, yes, you probably have.  Such an urge washed over me about 5 weeks ago, and I made the mistake of sailing over to the Clinique counter in Boots, you know, just to have a look.  When it comes to foundation, I have always been happy to stick with drugstore offerings; I've never had particularly 'bad' skin, in that coverage is not what I really need.  Until I discovered beauty blogs, about two years ago, I didn't really wear foundation at all, but since then have developed an interest in and appreciation of what a transformation a good foundation can make to your overall look.

Of late, I have been loving the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and also have the new Max Factor Xperience offering, of which I shall write a separate review.  However, on this fateful and dreary afternoon, my beady eyes landed on Clinique's range of foundations, which I always hear good things about, and in particular, I was interested in the Anti Blemish Solutions one.  I DO NOT KNOW WHY BECAUSE I DID NOT, ON THAT DAY, HAVE A BLEMISH TO SPEAK OF.

I was temporarily relieved of all sense and rationale, and dropped a £20 on this little number, in Fresh Neutral.
I do like a Clinique box.  For £20, you don't appear to get much product, as the bottle looks quite small, but you do get a standard 30ml for your buck.  The bottle is nice looking, but for some reason I don't find it that tactile, and being squeezy and plastic, it doesn't feel as special as other premium brands do.
On application to the back of the hand, it is very runny (to the point where if I tip up my hand it will run down the back, albeit it quite slowly).  Colour-wise, Fresh Neutral isn't bad, but it's a little on the pink side for me, so it requires a lot of blending.  With a dusting of powder though, it's not really noticeable.
I apply this with a No7 foundation brush, on top of a primer (currently the ELF Mineral Veil one).  In a nutshell, I absolutely hate how it sits on my skin.  Despite being very runny initially, I find I have to work it into the skin really quickly otherwise it dries and becomes very hard to finish blending.  I would say this is a medium coverage, and I thought it would be buildable but actually the more of this I put on, the worse it looks, and it almost seems to move around the initial layer of product.  It is also, to my mind, very obvious that I am wearing foundation, something I don't want at all.  Here it is blended out on my hand.
I hope you can see how it's sort of just 'sitting' there.  I think probably this was just the wrong choice for my skin, as, as I said, I don't have a lot of blemishes, and when I do, they are easily concealed with a sheer foundation and concealer.  I do have oily skin, and I don't find that this exagerates this in any way; if anything, it's a little drying.  As far as longer-term effects with reducing future breakouts goes, I can't comment.

Over the course of a long day, this doesn't slide, but I think it looked cakey by nighttime, and a little bit had settled around my nose and eyebrows.  Not. Cool.

Overall, I would only recommend this foundation to those with severely blemished and oily skin, but choose your colour very carefully and you need to be a dab hand at applying foundation to stop this looking streaky and cakey.  For £20, I am cross that I lost my beauty marbles for those crucial 5 minutes.  Not again.*

*Blatantly this will happen again in another 5 weeks or so.


  1. I LOVE this foundation, it really works well for me, and my skin seems to love it to xxx

  2. great timing of this post, I am contemplating getting this foundation because my department store has a gwp on now. I have dry skin, so this will probably be terrible for me right? I think I will try it anyway though. Great review.

    Have you tried clinique's other foundations? would you suggest others for dry skin?

  3. Three of the four foundations I threw out recently were Clinique - I'm a sucker for a new foundation but will stick with Bare Minerals from now on.