16 November 2010

Max Factor Xperience Weightless foundation review

I'm not a foundation junkie, but had a little count-up recently and have embarassingly amassed 6 different ones in the last few months (I realise that in the broad scheme of beauty blogging, 6 is *nothing* but still, for me that's a lot).  The one I've been faithful to for the most part has been the Bourjois Healthy Mix, which I think performs like a far superior product that the drugstore beauty that it is.  However, I always sit up and pay attention when Max Factor release a new foundation and their latest offering is the Xperience Weightless foundation, part of a new line of weightless products - there's a mascara and a gloss balm too.  This is what it looks like:
Even though you get a fairly standard 30ml of product, it's quite a small tube and feels insubstantial - cheap for Mx Factor, I think.  I chose the shade Brown Hessian (one of these days I'll have to find out my Mac shade for easy referencing - I reckon I'd be an NW25-ish).  If it helps, I am wearing 54 Beige from the Bourjois Healthy Mix range at the moment.

Max Factor describe this foundation as giving "flawless coverage that feels light as air".  I will definitely agree with the "light as air" feeling.  It is very much like a tinted moisturiser.  However, I found I had to build and build and build to get an even finish, thus totally negating the lightness part - by the time I'd finished I felt like I was caked.  To be fair though, it didn't look cakey.  The finish was dewy and reasonably flawless.
Here it is blended out on my hand:
I topped it with a light dusting of powder - ELF HD - and was pleased with the finished effect, despite the amount I felt I had to apply.  I went out for the evening, to dinner and the cinema.  Now, I have oily skin.  I was also sat in a HOT cinema for over two hours (watching Shia le Boeuf attempt to act his way out of a paper bag) and by the time I emerged, blinking into the night, HELLO SHINY FACE.  Honestly, even with my history of oily skin, I have never looked so bad in my life.  Everything was practically sliding off my face.  It looked terrible; shiny, separated, showing up blemishes and imperfections....just your basic nightmare.

I was sort of expecting some payback for the extra layers I'd put on, but ELF HD powder has never failed me (plus I used a primer and oil-free moisturiser) so I can only assume it was the foundation's fault.

As I got this a couple of months ago and my tan has faded, this shade is slightly too dark for me now so I haven't ventured back to give it another go, but am hanging onto it until January when I'm away and should get some colour back into my face.  I just don't know what it is that made my skin so shiny - perhaps I need to test it in a normal office environment - will try and do that this week if I can blend as if my life depends on it.

I am not impressed.  I usually get on well with Max Factor foundations - I really like the Miracle Touch one - but this, so far, has been a disaster.  I also can't see why the brand needs this as well as the Second Skin foundation, which also claims to be very light, natural, flawless, etc. and by all accounts that's a far superior product.

It's available in Boots and Superdrug for around £9.99.  Has anyone tried this?  Thoughts and tips?  Help!  I do not want this to go to waste!


  1. I reviewed this too and found the same!


    Be warned - bad pics! lol xx

  2. Argh! I hated this so much! I too trusted Max Factor for foundations on the highstreet but this is so disgusting, I looked like I was made of old wax. Sorry for the outburst :) I've kept it as I reckon it will come to use for neck/shoulder wear if I'm showing some skin but such a shame it didn't work out for my face! xx