20 November 2010

Sleek Bad Girl palette

Sleek is a UK drugstore brand, available in Superdrug.  It gets a lot of love from beauty bloggers, particularly for its eyeshadow palettes.  Up until now, I have owned, and loved, their Finishing Powder, the gel eyeliner, the Kajal eyeliner and the lipstick, but the release of one of their latest palettes, called Bad Girl, has introduced me to one of the best brands of eyeshadow I've ever come across.

I have read countless rave reviews of these palettes - and at £5.99 a pop, I'm not surprised - but I have been blown away by the quality of these shadows.  You get twelve in the palette, which itself is a sleek (yes), black case that is both lightweight and sturdy enough not to worry about travelling with.The inner lid is also a mirror, which is lovely and big so makes for very easy application on the move.  They may as well lose the double-ended sponge applicator though; they're always crap.

The reason I've passed up on these Sleek palettes in the past is because they nearly always contain one or several really bright, lurid shades, which I wouldn't wear, but every single one of the shades in the Bad Girl palette appeals to me.

As you can see, the colours range from a very pale white/gold, through to a deep aubergine, going through gorgeous silvery greys, shimmering greens and beautiful blues on the way.
The first thing I have to mention is just how unbelievably smooth and soft these shadows are, as well as exceptionally pigmented.  The above swatches are just one swipe each. ONE SWIPE EACH PEOPLE.  I am a shocked cat.

A couple of the shadows (the medium grey, the dark green and the dark blue) are matte, but the rest of the shadows have a nice, non-sparkly metallic finish to them.  There isn't a single colour I don't love.

Some closer swatches:

The purples are my favourite I think.  I plan to attempt some different looks with the palette over the next couple of weeks and post them so you can get a feel for the colours in different contexts.  The one - tiny - gripe I have about the shadows is that you do get a lot of kick-up when you sweep the brush over them and you get a lot of drop when applying, so application can get messy, but, frankly, for £5.99, this is probably the best item of make-up I've bought all year.

Buy it here.

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  1. you are so lucky that you got hold of one of these! ive been trying for weeks and still havent been able to get one :(