18 November 2010

A tale of two pretties

Mac eyeshadows are usually held in high esteem by make-up lovers.  Their range of colours is amazing, the texture and pigmentation are, in my experience, always flawless, and at £11 each (£9 if you just buy the pan), although definitely more expensive than some shadows, they are not in the unattainable echelons that some brands are for a lot of people.

Over the past year, I have steadily built up a nice 15-pan palette, mostly of Mac shadows (if you're interested, Boots Natural Collection shadows are the same size and so fit in the palette like a dream), and recently I added two more to my kit.  They really don't need much introduction but I give you....

...Patina and Satin Taupe.  Two very well-known shadows amongst the blogging community, and two that I am very pleased to have in my arsenal.  I believe that Satin Taupe is Mac's top-selling shadow, and it's not hard to see why.  It's a very basic, beautiful taupe that probably everybody could wear, regardless of colouring or application skill.

Patina on the left, Satin Taupe on the right.  Although very much in the same shimmery taupe family, Patina resides at the pale grey end of the Taupe Spectrum ©, whilst Satin Taupe is sat firmly at the brown end (that sounds wrong but isn't meant to).  Here they are swatched:

Again, Patina on the left, Satin Taupe on the right.  As you can see, Satin Taupe swatches darker than Patina, but tonally they are quite similar.  I love them both.  I think, though, if you are only going to buy one of these two, I would go for Patina.  I just prefer that it's a bit more subtle, and it's quite an unusual colour.  It's base is a cool grey, but it has gold shimmer running through it, making a nice change from a warm taupe base. 

I don't really know if that makes sense, but I think it's a more complex, and therefore interesting, shade, but not one that's difficult to wear at all.

What are you favourite Mac shadows?

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