15 November 2010

A very restrained haul.

There’s nothing better sometimes than ticking off an item on your product wishlist, particularly if it’s a hard-to-get item and/or it’s been hanging around on your list for a while.  Two weeks ago, that day came for me when my Penny Shadestick from Mac arrived.  I found and ordered it from www.love-makeup.co.uk, priced at £12.99.  I’m glad I didn’t pay above the odds for it; to me, that’s silliness, paying extra for an item purely because it’s LE.  Anyway, I’ve been hankering after the Penny Shadestick for about 10 months now; I don’t know what Mac collection/s it was part of, but as I’ve only really got into Mac in the last year, I think I’ve missed it.

But finally, I have it in my greedy little grasp, and it is not a disappointment.  I love shadesticks either as a base or on their own – the others I own are Taupographic and Sharkskin.  I do find them slightly uncomfortable to apply (they make me worry that I’m going to pop my eyeball) but I love the finish and staying power they offer, and they’re portable and last ages, so they are winners for me.

Penny Shadestick is a beautiful rusty copper colour; I can’t wait until I have a tan as I think it will look amazing on deeper-coloured skin.  

Wearing it now is quite hard for me as I don't have even a lick of a tan so it can look a little 'myxomatosis-esque' on me; it looks particularly great under gold, bronze or brown shadows – I don’t own any reddish shadows but they would word really well too.  As I said, in the summer I'll be wearing this a lot more.  In short, I am so happy I finally have this in my collection and when I use it up, will start the hunt all over again for a new one.

The other item I snapped up was the F25 Tapered Face Brush from Sigma.  I’ve never bought any Sigma brushes before, but have heard good things – we all know they are meant to be dupes of Mac brushes, and I’m happy to be able to get a very similar product for a lot less dollar.

I chose the Tapered Face Brush as I was looking for a brush to apply contour powder and bronzer.  I do like it, but find that it doesn't pick up that much product - maybe that's a good thing.  I have to go back 3 or 4 times to get enough powder (for contouring I use Taupe by Mac) on my skin to make a difference.  However, it is extremely soft, with a nice long handle for ease of use.  I always prefer long-handled brushes.  Don’t know why.  This brush was also priced at £12.99 – it’s $19 on the Sigma website, which is around £11.78, but with shipping costs and times, it has worked out much cheaper to order from Love-Makeup.

So, overall, pretty happy with my mini haul.  Would love to hear your thoughts on Mac Shadesticks (any other LE shades I should hunt down?) and Sigma brushes.

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  1. I love ticking something of my wishlist too :)
    I've never tried any of the shadesticks yet but this looks really pretty x