6 January 2011

Black eyeliners

Not the most interesting of beauty products, as far as I'm concerned, and one I hardly wear when I think about it, but I have four black eyeliner pencils knocking around in my pot, so thought it'd be useful to do a speedy comparison review.

Top to bottom: Miners Love Phat LinerBourjois Khol & Contour Benefit Bad GalMac Smoulder.

L-R (or top - bottom): Miners, Bourjois, Benefit, Mac.

Surprisingly, or not, the Bourjois Khol & Contour is by far the most pigemented and easy to apply.  It glides on so smoothly and cleanly, and the staying power is brilliant.  It smudges (in a controlled fashion) with a blending brush but stays put throughout the day.  I really recommend it if you're looking for an all round great black liner without spending much.

There's not much worth saying about the Miners pencil unfortunately.  It's not particularly pigemented, it smudges immediately (and this time, not in the good way) and fades within a couple of hours of wear.  Honestly not worth however much it costs (which I imagine is not much).

Benefit Bad Gal is a bit of a legend in its own right, but I have to say, I'm not a fan.  I don't mind the finish, but I find the pencil too fat to get the precise line I want initially before blending.  I can never get it right into the lashline, so I always end up with a gap.  It's also not a really "black black", if that makes sense.  I don't want an almost black, I want it to be the darkest it can possibly be.

Finally, Mac Smoulder.  Always in the Black Eyeliner Hall of Fame, yet....I'm not sure why.  I glides on nicely enough, and the black is a good black, and I can't fault the good 'smudgeability' of Smoulder, but...it rubs off and transfers onto my eyelids like a naughty scamp running away from school.  Even with a layer of black shadow to seal it, within an hour, I look like I've gone ten rounds with David Hare (again, sadly, not in the good way).

I blended out all the liners for comparison:

Undoubtedly, Mac Smoulder, at the bottom, blends out the best, but as I said, it will travel.

Out of these four, I rate the Bourjois Khol & Contour the highest.  Taking into consideration all factors, it's the best all round performer, and, when I do wear black liner, the one I reach for the most.

What's your favourite black pencil liner?

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