8 January 2011

Ciaté All Brittle and Twisted

Lately, my nails have taken a battering.  A rapidly expanding nail polish collection has seen me changing colours up to three times a week, and all the remover, filing, scrubbing (glitter polishes are the devil) and re-painting has taken its toll.  My nails are soft and peeling and break if you so much as sneeze near them, so I'm giving them a rest from colours and treating them to something more nourishing instead.

Enter Ciaté All Brittle and Twisted treatment.  I got this last year from hqhair.com, and hadn't really used it much until recently.  You apply it to bare nails every days for four days, then remove (and either start the process again or finish it).  It's meant to help repair damaged, broken and peeling nails, strengthening them and rehabilitating them for the next onslaught of OPI.

It's clear in colour and gives nails a clean, polished look.  I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and to be honest, I can't see a huge difference in the condition of my nails.  A couple have still broken, and the peels are still there, but I'm going to persevere and use it for another couple of weeks, teamed with cutting my nails as short as possible, doubling my hand cream efforts and applying nourishing oils at every opportunity.

I'm not sure this treatment is really worth it, but if nothing else, it keeps me in a routine that can't be doing any more harm to my nails than I was doing before.  On the last day of application, my nails definitely feel stronger, but that might just be because they've got four layers of polish holding them together.

If none of that works, I...don't know what I'll do.  Help! What nail treatments do you recommend?

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