17 January 2011

Giveaway - £40 to spend on any make-up you like!

So, having run this here blog for a fair while, and having made the commitment to step up my posting and time devoted to it, I thought it might be a nice time to run a little giveaway.

Doesn't that sound fun?!

When I reach 70 followers, I will be selecting one at random, and the prize will be...*drum roll, fanfare, etc.*

....£40 to spend (or rather, for me to spend,) on a make-up item, or some make-up items, completely of your choice.

So, to sum up, if you are the chosen one, you can let me know what you would like, and I will buy it for you and send it to you all tied up with a pretty ribbon.

How does that sound?  I thought £40 would be a good amount - if you want an individual high-end item, £40 should cover it, or it can be spent on multiple cheaper items, if you wish.  Maybe you just want a back up of your favourite foundation or mascara?  Anything goes here!

You can also choose to spend your prize on tools - brushes, bags, palettes, brush cleansers - if you wish.

I am excluding haircare and skincare from this giveaway - need to save something for the next one!

And if that's not enough,  I will ship anywhere in the world, so if you are currently reading this from your beachside lodge in Bali, or your chalet in Chamonix, or your tent in Taiwan, FEAR NOT!  A carrier pigeon with manicured claws could be pecking at your door very soon!

I live in London, and so have easy access to the following, if this is what you want:

Mac Pro store
Guru Make-up Emporium (MUFE)
Harvey Nichols
Space NK

Any drugstore brands or any boutiques or pro make-up stores you know of, and obviously, online.  I am happy to order online from any UK store (or rather, any online store that won't cost me another £40 in shipping).  I figured if you are entering from abroad, you might want to opt for something harder to get wherever you live so UK brands are my speciality, but don't feel confined by my postcode :)

The rules are simple: BE A FOLLOWER PLEASE!

Also, please leave me a comment with your contact email address, and, if you like, your dream product/products.  You will be entered if you're just a follower and leave your email address, but I like things to read.

Maybe you want a Tom Ford lipstick, or 4 Mac ones?  Or you might want a Chanel bronzer, Shu Uemera lash curlers, Laura Mercier concealer...anything! You decide!

If the product or products you choose come in at under £40, I will include a little extra something as a surprise in the package.

Also, if for any reason I have trouble tracking down what you want, I will let you know immediately, so maybe, if you win, give me a little wishlist in order of preference!

The giveaway will close as soon as the number has been reached, and the winner will be announced within 24 hours.

So, please enter, if you haven't already, and good luck!  Oh, and tell everyone.  The quicker the 70's hit, the quicker we can get on to the next giveaway!

Thank you x


  1. oh my! never came across a giveaway like this!!
    enter me plz :)
    i love mac, chanel, nars..oh i can go on n on...!! not to leave drugstores i like nyx too !!

  2. This is such a generous giveaway!
    I would love to enter please aboveaveragebelowspecial@gmail.com
    Hmmm I think I would finally buy Benefit Bad Lash Purple and maybe some other Benefit/Mac products that I'm in love with :P.
    Thanks for doing such a lovely giveaway!
    Lettie xxxx

  3. This is such a wicked giveaway!
    I am now a follower of your lovely blog :)
    My email is charlib@live.co.uk
    I will let you choose whatever colours and products you want but I would really like something MAC or Benefit as they are what I have the least of (well mac I have the least lol)
    Thank you so much

  4. Fantastic giveaway!
    If I were to win, my dream product would be By Terry Rose De Rose blush in No.2 Corail Rose http://www.spacenk.co.uk/product/shop+by+brand/by+terry/200002936+rose+de+rose.do


  5. What a great idea!!!!
    Please enter me!
    I would have to think about what I would want, though it would definitely be something only available in the UK.

  6. What an awesome idea! Please enter me :-) lucia(at)demeijer(dot)com I am bery curious about some UK products that are hard to get over here!

    And if I can make a special request: could you add Bloglovin' to the options to follow your blog? I prefer it much to GFC for folowing my favorite blogs. Thxs!

  7. What a lovely giveaway! Longtime reader, shorttime follower! :D please enter me!


    Hmmm, first choice product would be a bottle of Chanel Mat Lumiere, maybe some MAC blushes/lipsticks (I'm dying to try MAC blush in Loverush... eek exciting! xx

  8. @DalaLuz Thanks for BlogLovin' tip - will get onto it asap!

    Thanks everyone else for entering so far - this is exciting! x

  9. This is such a great giveaway!
    really nice of you to do it :)
    I would love to be entered x
    lora_505@hotmail.com xx

  10. what a lovely idea for a giveaway :) but decisions, decisions!

    i am a follower with GFC as twannywun
    my email twannywun at hotmail dot com

    i would choose:

    Bourjois: Effect 3D Max Lip Gloss - rose gold
    accessorize :
    Illusion Pink Spice Nail Polish
    Illusion Molten Copper Nail Polish
    Illusion Aztec Nail Polish
    Illusion Merged Seashell Eye Shadow

    MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil blonde

  11. Hey this is a lovely competition, great idea!
    my email is hoppitylaw@yahoo.co.uk

    if i won i probably choose some benefit products....

    x x

  12. What a great idea for a giveaway!
    Since I live in Canada, I would choose some Sleek Palettes and some Ben Nye! An Oilatum moisturizer or an Embroyolisse moisturizer-stuff I can't get over the pond!
    My email is tepeca2000@hotmail.com

  13. I've been following you for a while and would like to enter please =) £40 of make-up is an amazingly generous giveaway too. I think I'd be boring and opt for a couple of Mac lipsticks in the shades everyone talks about but I haven't tried yet, but I'd feel super cheeky sending you a shopping list!

  14. What a great giveaway. I'd probably go for something from Mac, as I don't really have any of their stuff. I'd let you choose something for me!



    Anna x

  15. Hello, great giveaway, it's really generous of you.
    I would probably choose some sigma brushes as i've been after some for ages.


  16. Hey PP, been following you with reader.

    Please enter me in this fantastic giveaway!
    Email is : reigningbeauties@gmail.com

    Thanks lovely! So exciting!!


  17. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your comments so far!

    If you don't want anything specific, I will happily go on a spree and send you a box of surprises, but equally I don't mind being sent a shopping list of bits either!

    That's the point of this giveaway - it's your £40 to get me to spend as you wish.

    Please let everybody know about this and get them to enter - want to get going quickly!


    Product Pixie xxx

  18. Well hello there productpixie, what an amazingly generous giveaway. I am now a follower and if I could have a product it would have to be a Tom Ford Lipstick - I need to get back into lipsticks, no idea of colour, but that would be my dream. Thankyou for such a fab giveaway. Jan x

  19. Awwh, aren't you lovely!?

    Ahh, I'd LOVE Creme Cup lipstick by MAC - it's my absolute favourite and I'm running low! Other than that, a MAC 224 and I'd be a very happy blogger!

    I've been a reader for months and I absolutely love your blog (:



  20. wow what a generous giveaway,
    i am a follower of your blog, it is great, will be trying the ciate oil after your review
    email is yasminec9@aol.com
    if i won i think i would like to try a new mask as i have not found a wow one yet, or makeup not sure lol

  21. wow what a generous giveaway,
    i am a follower of your blog, it is great, will be trying the ciate oil after your review
    email is yasminec9@aol.com
    if i won i think i would like to try a new mask as i have not found a wow one yet, or makeup not sure lol

  22. Fabulous, and very generous giveaway - I usually sub via RSS but am working my way back through blogs and refollowing via GFC so I have done so with yours now too - and what a brilliant prompt to do so - thank you! xx

    My email address is: info /at thebeautyscoop/ co -uk

  23. What an amazing giveaway! I'd loved to be entered :-D

    You have so much great makeup in the UK so if I was lucky enough to win this I'd love it if you could put together a surprise box for me :-D

    Except maybe Gosh - I'm from Denmark so I have that already :-D

    Love your blog!


    blog: http://alittlebitofeverything25.blogspot.com

    mail: gitteholbech@hotmail.com

  24. I would love to try something posh ;) like Chanel or Dior, or maybe MUFE!


  25. Wow amazing giveaway! I would love to entered :) I have been lusting after some Deborah Lippman polishes or maybe even some more MAC eyeshadows xx

  26. What a fab giveaway! Please enter me! I'd probably go for MAC if I was lucky enough to win! Or maybe some Benefit items, or some eco tools brushes! Gosh the options are endless hehe!

    Good luck on reaching 70 followers :) xx

  27. what an amazing giveaway!
    I live in Birmingham and I am 13 years old, i am highly after a MAC bronzer and lustre glass, but also i love drugstore as well as it is much more im my price range.
    i am also after a fairly spacious new make up bag
    i would like a revlon lipgloss and absolutely any other make up/nail polish. anything will do!

    my email - catwat97@hotmail.com
    thank you xxx

  28. oh this is so nice of you!!!! awesome! :)

    My e-mail is nami_rhys@hotmail.com and good luck to all of us!! *crossing fingers*
    I'm a totally indesicive person so it would be a difficult choice haha. I would love something that's available in your country and not mine (because mine sucks when it comes to cosmetics!)

    this is very exciting, indeed!!! ^_^

  29. Yay, I got you to 70!!!
    Could I enter please? Or am I too late?!!
    If I could enter, I'd like a suprise picked by you :o)
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!