9 January 2011

Lip liners

Following on from Thursday's post about my black eyeliner collection, I wanted to write about my lip liner collection.  Again, despite not always using them, I seem to have amassed a modest little stash that I really should make more time to use.

Top - bottom: Inglot lipliner in 861.  NYX Automatic lipliner in Natural. Elf lipliners in Natural Blush, Bitter and Spice.  Prestige lipliner in Silk. No7 Perfect Lips liner in Fire.

The Inglot liner is by far my favourite out of this lot.  I reviewed it (link above) in detail but it's the perfect cerise red that looks amazing on its own or under any red lipstick.  Love it.

The NYX liner (again, my review is linked above) is ok but it's quite a grey nude, which on me can look a little deathly, so I use this to colour in my whole lip area and then use a pink lipstick over the top to balance it out.  It does add good staying power to lipstick though, although it's quite drying, so beware.

The Elf liners were an impulse buy, and I must admit I don't really need or use them, but as a budget choice, they are brilliant.  The colours are nicely pigmented, they stay on reasonably well and they go with a wide range of lip colours, so if you're looking to spend hardly anything, these are the ones I'd go for.

Prestige liner in Silk was a bit of a risk for me.  It's a pale baby pink but applies really nicely and essentially nudes out my lips, making it a great base for any colour.  It's not too drying, and it actually looks quite nice on its own (I slick some 8 Hour Cream over it for a sheen).  Prestige seems to be one of those brands that's often overlooked, but actually contains some gems.  For £3.99, I think this liner is a brilliant buy.

Finally, and this was the first lipliner I ever bought, the No7 Perfect Lips liner in Fire.  This is a punchy bright red, that I initially bought when I went to fancy dress party at university and needs to draw some little hearts on my face (I forget why).  It's a gorgeous colour - less pink than the Inglot one - and stays on well, but I find it very drying, so make sure your lips are primed and smooth before using this.

Swatches in no flash and flash:

Order is same as above.

Looking at these pictures, I would say that Bitter from the Elf range (the one in the middle) is a pretty decent dupe for the Inglot one (at the top) so if you wanted to save some money, go for the Elf one.  I also assume that Elf Spice (3rd from bottom) is a dupe of the infamous Mac Spice liner, but I can't be certain.  Looks like it though.

What are your favourite liners?  I am looking for one to team with peach and coral lipsticks, so any recommendations would be great!

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