3 January 2011

Mac Monday: Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot

For reasons still unknown to me, I journeyed to Westfield on the 30th December where I accidentally fell into Mac, and somehow walked out with the Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot from the new Cham Pale collection.  I truly don't know how this happened, but I am very glad it did.  Having seen various swatches online, the Cham Pale collection didn't appeal to me, but Paint Pots are my favourite make up item - definitely from Mac, possibly in the world - so it seemed rude not to take a peek as I was in the vicinity.  There are four new Paint Pot shades in this collection, three of which deal with the nude/gold/cream/pale end of the colour spectrum - and are very beautiful - and then there's Dangerous Cuvee, a grey/silver/pale blue shade, not too dissimilar to Benefiit's Creaseless Cream shadow in Skinny Jeans.

Now, all these Paint Pots are very shimmery, bordering on glittery, and apply very sheer, but they are buildable.  I've taken quite a few pictures to try to give you a good idea of the shades.  The swatch on the left is one swipe, the one on the right is a few layers.

There is a definite blue tone to it; I want to say a denim shade, but I'm not sure that explains it well enough.

I've only worn it on it's own so far - with a grey eyeliner - and it looked great.  Subtle but brightening.  I have swatched it underneath three different Mac shadows though so you can see how it looks.  Firstly, here it is underneath Copperplate (left) and Scene (right).

It looks great under both - they're both matte shadows but Dangerous Cuvee transforms them into shimmery, metallic shadows that are unlike anything else I own.

I also tried it underneath Carbon.  I've been left totally cold by Carbon and struggle to find a use for it, but maybe now I have this Paint Pot, I will use it more.  It really does create a stunning, shimmering finish, almost a dark grey rather than a black.

So overall, I'm delighted a had a brief and illegal (am trying not to spend any money for a while) dalliance at my Mac counter, and imagine I'll be wearing Dangerous Cuvee a lot over the coming months.

Have you bought this or anything else from the Cham Pale collection?

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