24 January 2011

Mac Monday - Morange lipstick

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The next lipstick in my little Mac line-up is this, not for the faint-hearted, Morange lipstick.  I know this will be my colour of the summer.  I can feel it in my shivering, Vitamin D-deprived bones.

It is a properly bright, tangerine neon, and I love it.  I have worn it since I got it, but it doesn't look brilliant at 8am on the District line, in the rain, with a skin tone best likened to a slightly old raw chicken breast.

Once my tan has been dealt with, no doubt sometime in mid-August, I shall be whipping this out once more and channelling my inner Carmen Miranda.

I imagine this would look absolutely beautiful on darker skins.  I also am cursing my camera for making this look red, when, in fact, it ain't.

Have you tried Morange?  What do you think?

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