17 January 2011

Mac Monday - Naked pigment

Mac Naked pigment is a permanent product, which I bought a few months ago from the Mac website.  This is the first Mac pigment I've owned, and to be honest, it was a purchase I wish I hadn't made.  I don't really like loose shadows - I'm not skilled enough in the application to not make a complete mess of both my face and my dressing table, and I'm not sure I ever notice that different a finish than when I use a pressed shadow.

I'm sure most of you know that the Mac pigments used to be packaged, in shorter, fatter pots, with a much bigger circumference, making getting product out a lot easier.  These new pots are pretty dinky (4.5g/0.15 US oz of product), and whilst the amount it fine, it's quite difficult to get product out without a major spillage, or toppling the pot over.

I selected the shade Naked, described on the website as a "fleshy beige with golden copper pearl".  It was a toss up for me between this and Tan, and I feel I made the wrong choice.

In the pot, it looks like a very pale beige - it kind of looks like a setting powder.  When swatched, it's a very subtle, quite pretty pale finish with a small amount of gold reflects running through it.  It's just a bit...meh.

The base powder colour is virtually the same as my skintone, so all that shows up is the gold, so it makes a pretty wash as an all over eye colour, or as a highlight, but I just haven't found myself using it much since I got it.

I have used it as a highlighter and it looks ok, but frankly it's such a faff getting it out of the pot (on a small brush) and then putting that on my cheeks and then buffing it in with a different brush, and invariably having to clean up after myself, that I hardly ever bother.

I think I'll be transferring the pigment to a bigger pot (I'll stalk Muji for something suitable) and then hopefully I  can just use a larger blush brush and use it as a highlighter.  In terms of staying power, it's fine.  Nothing more or less than anything similiar on the market.

In summary, £15.50 not well spent. IDIOT.

Have any of you got this pigment, or something similar?  How do you use it?  Would love to know!

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  1. It makes a gorgeous highlighter on the face, cheekbones, browbones cupids bow, down the nose, or mix a little into some moisturiser for a really dewy primer. Or mix some into lipgloss to make it paler and give it a shimmer. The pigments are not just eyeshadows!