31 January 2011

Mac Monday - See Sheer lipstick

Why does my camera refuse to accept that there is a colour called 'coral' and instead photograph it as 'pink'?  Which is not CORAL.  It makes my job so much more difficult when describing this to you.

See Sheer is, trust me, a sheer, glossy coral offering from the Mac permanent line.

Very pretty and wearable, no matter the weather, or what your camera wants you to believe.

Product Pixie: bringing you misleading colour swatches since 2010.


  1. I love the end Product Pixie bringing you misleading colour swatches since 2010 haha!
    My camera does the same but sometimes decides to take 6 different pictures all a different colour xx

  2. I find this one of the most frustrating things, trying to swatch lipstick/glosses and getting a true representation. Have just got a new bridge camera which is helping. I know that Makeup Savvy and Beauty's Bad Habit have both done really helpful posts about photograph - a lot is about the background you use and the light ie not too sunny, like the pics though. Jan x

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  4. Lovely colour :)
    <3 your bloggie :)
    izzy xx