19 January 2011

NOTD: Rimmel Rose Libertine

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Now, onto serious matters.  You know when you get a hankering for a colour product in a vey particular shade, not necessarily one you've actually even seen in real life before?  Well, I have been after the perfect tea rose shade of nail polish for a while.  Possibly a sheer tea rose, a jelly formula at the very least.  I hadn't come close to anything like it for a while, and then one day, my peepers fell upon the rows of Rimmel polishes in my local drugstore, and I thought I had it.  This is the 60 Second polish in Rose Libertine.

In the bottle, it looked like that soft rose pink I was after - almost the colour of a pale rose turkish delight.  Alas, I have been disappointed.

On application, it's a very bright, Barbie pink, which is not to my liking at all.  If this was a lipstick, it would be Pink Friday.  Pepto Bismol.  Not the tea rose I wanted.  I think even in the pictures it looks different in the bottle to how it does on the nails.

I can't fault the application - Rimmel polishes apply really well - and this was only one coat, but it doesn't dry in 60 seconds, for a start, and it also starting chipping within 12 hours.  Although all polishes do that to me.

Frankly, I am disappointed.  And still hunting. 

Any polishes you can recommend that you think might be what I'm after?


  1. Ooh I had been eyeing this one up - totally not the colour I expected! I have one similar to this colour it appears to be in the pics so maybe I wont bother ~ thanks for posting this! :)