1 January 2011

RMK Irresistible Lips lipstick

Snapped up in the ASOS sale a couple of months ago, this is the first product I've owned from the RMK line.  RMK is a Japanese line created by make up artist Rumiko, the philosophy of which is to help people enhance their natural beauty with the products.  Any help I can get, please.  I paid £10 for it, reduced from £15.  I chose the shade Orange Pink.  The first thing to note is how much I like the packaging.   A cute silver box with a sleek silver lipstick inside.
Although £10 (or even £15) for a lipstick doesn't put it in the luxury category, for me, the rest of the products in the range are definitely priced in the luxury bracket, but this lipstick doesn't 'feel' particularly expensive.  The packaging, whilst lovely to look at, is lightweight and almost a little flimsy; I'm happy with it for a tenner, but would have been slightly miffed if I'd paid £15 for it, I think.  However, what really counts is the product, and this one is a beauty.  I selected Orange Pink totally at random.  I've not seen RMK in the flesh, and often online swatches are a load of bollocks - "Hello, Mac? Yes, I'm talking about you." - so I just picked this and hoped for the best. 

It's probably more of a summer colour, being a bright coral, but I've been wearing it throughout this bleakest of bleak winters and love it.  In the bullet, it looks like a very bright, almost hot pink colour.
However, once swatched, it's a gorgeous sheer and glossy bright coral, very wearable and flattering.
You can see the gloss, and it looks and stays like that on the lips too.  I love it.  However.  As lovely as I think this product is, I can't rate it any more highly than my beloved 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks, which are a fraction of the price and offer the same finish (and a fairly decent colour range to boot).  I am pleased I bought this, and it has piqued my interest in the RMK line, but I feel it might be slightly overpriced given that it does nothing a drugstore brand can't do.  You can buy the RMK Irresistible Lips here.

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  1. I just wondering if this lipstick (B range) have shimmery glitter in it. I mean those pretty subtle shimmering bit RMK (or any asian brand like Maquillage ) have on their lipstick or is it just glossy ?