7 January 2011

Une Beauty Sfumato eyeshadow in S09

Last year, Bourjois brought out the Une Beauty range, the philosophy of which is to enhance your beauty without concealing it.  I had to wait a long time to try out anything from the range, as my local Boots and Superdrug seemed to take an age to stock it, but when it arrived, I loved the look of it.  This range is exactly what I look for when I'm buying my everyday make-up.  Plenty of neutral and wearable colours, mineral products, soft eyeshadows, pencils and pretty blushes.  It is priced higher than most drugstore brands (£12-£15 for foundation, £9-£10 for shadows, £10 for mascara) but, to me, the products offer something unique amongst their drugstore counterparts and seem to be of a slightly higher quality.  

I selected two products for my first purchases, a Sfumato eyeliner and this Sfumato eyeshadow in the shade S09.

The shadow packaging is very reminiscent of Clinique's single eyeshadow compacts, and I like it.  I also like that that top of the case is mirror, so can save you space in your make up bag if you're travelling.  However, I don't understand why brands still insist on including crappy little brushes with shadows.  I throw them away immediately, this one being no exception.

The other thing I find a bit annoying is that none of the products have names, just Shu-esque codes, which are printed on the hygiene seal, which can make it difficult to remember the name (especially when, like me, you peel the seal off in glee and throw it away without checking the name).  However, S09 is your basic taupe shade.  There are a few colours like this in the eyeshadow range, I just selected the one that had the most grey to it.

Sorry for the less than brilliant swatch, but this is a quick swipe, demonstrating how pigmented the shadow is. On application, it's quite sheer, but blends beautifully and is easily buildable.  When I'm at home in daylight, I will update this post with a picture of it applied.  Although it's definitely a grey taupe, I think there's a hint of sludgy green in it, so compliments my green eyes nicely.  I like wearing this with a touch of Carbon blended in the crease, and a cool brown liner (usually Mac's Earthline) for an easy and polished daytime eye.

I am really keen to try more products from Une Beauty; in essence, if I was buying make up for the first time in my life, this is the range I'd want to choose from.  It's undoubtedly 'safe', but it has enough appealing colours and textures to create some gorgeous, natural looks.  Buy it here.

Sfumato eye pencil review coming soon, although I was not as impressed with that.

What products have you tried from Une Beauty, and what would you recommend?

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