18 February 2011

Giveaway winner: ANNOUNCED!

Thank you all so, so much for entering my giveaway.  I loved reading your comments too - keep them coming!  I've selected a winner at random and can now reveal who the lucky recipient of the £40 of make-up will be.

Congratulations SWEET_MISS_JO!!!!!

Well done lady, I'll be contacting you very shortly so get your thinking cap on about what you might like!

Thank you all again - I think I'll run another giveaway when I reach 100 followers: just need to think of a suitable prize now!  xxx


  1. Me?? Ive won? Im the only sweet_miss_Jo arn't I? OH MY GOD! Arghhhhhhhhhhh.... Im all excited!

    Just trying to keep it cool for a minute yet though, incase there is another sweet_miss_Jo that I dont know about. These things could happen and I'd be gutted!

    Oh forget it.. Im assuming its me.

    Whoooooop!!!!! Thank you so so much, oh god I don't know what I want. Arghhhhhhhh this is so surreal! haha. Will be waiting for your email lovely lady!