27 February 2011

Laura Mercier lip stains

When I look at my make-up collection (I say collection, but does one Muji box count as a whole collection?) the majority of it comes from the high-street.  This is usually because I don't have masses of spare pennies to buy things, so often go for the cheaper option - and frankly, the British high-street offers amazing make-up so I'm not complaining - but amongst the Maybellines, L'Oreals and Max Factors, there peeks a small clutch of special items that are real treats. 

I always ask for one or two pieces of high-end make-up for my birthday or Christmas, and these two lip stains from Laura Mercier were ripped open with excitement by me last year and the year before. 

I love the packaging - the little glass pots have a nice weight to them that makes them feel a little more luxurious that normal, and the screw-top lids sit nice and tight, so no need to worry about them coming off if your make-up bag.  The colours are Shy Pink and Mulberry.

The pots are not too dissimilar in size to Mac Paintpots, just a touch bigger.  You can see from the picture above that you get 6g of product - they're priced at £16.50 - but I can tell you, these last for. ever.  The Mulberry one was the first one I got, in December 2009 and, having used it a fair bit, there's not even a hint of a dent in it yet.

I apply with my finger and just dab it onto my lips.  The great thing about these is that you can build the colour up easily or leave it very sheer.

This is a light swatch: 

And built-up:

Shy Pink is a great nude (for me).  It's a light, brown-toned pink that makes a perfect, polished daytime look come together.  Mulberry, on the other hand, is a punchy pink-red that I absolutely love.  The nice thing about both of these lip stains is that, despite being stains, they're not completely matte.  They have a subtle sheen to them so your lips don't look too flat.

My one minor, minor gripe is that they can be slightly drying, so make sure your lips are prepped really well before using them.  They last well, don't look too 'done' and I thoroughly enjoy using them.  I plan to add Scarlet to my birthday list for this year :)


  1. These look really nice, I've never tried Laura Mercier make-up before so these look like a good way to start! The colours look gorgeous, particularly Shy Pink :) x

  2. I'm obsessed with lip stains and didn't realise Laura Mercier made them! I'll have to check them out now... x