14 February 2011

Mac Monday: My blush palette

This week, I am turning the spotlight on my Mac blush palette, in use since May 2010.  My first introduction to Mac blushes came from the LE Instant Chic, released with the Pret-a-Papier collection.  I quickly realised the quality and staying power of the product, and over the rest of the year, acquired a palette and 5 more pans to fill it with, and this is what I have now:

Top row L-R: Well Dressed, Coppertone, Taupe (contour powder)
Bottom row L-R: Dollymix, Instant Chic, Blushbaby

These six blushes are the only blushers I own, and so I wanted to create a palette of colours that would serve me fully, for all seasons and all occasions.  I am pleased with all of them, and use them all regularly, with perhaps the exception of Coppertone.  It's a great colour, but very pigmented and quite chalky, so it needs a masterful hand to apply it (with which I am not graced) and so I tend to wear it only when I have a tan.  When I do, it looks great, but it's too orange/terracotta for me in the winter months.

Heavy swatch:

L-R: Well Dressed, Dollymix, Coppertone, Instant Chic, Taupe, Blushbaby

Blended out a bit:

My favourite is Instant Chic, without a doubt.  It's the perfect mix of coral and pink, blends so easily, and gives me that perfect "healthy glow", even though it's a matte finish.  I use it a lot, but also sparingly, as, being LE, I can't replace it once it's gone.  I do keep my eyes open for a dupe, but am yet to find one, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

Taupe is my contour powder - I got colour-matched at the Mac Pro Store, and I like it, but when I have a tan in the summer, I suspect it won't show up so I'll need to go a couple of shades darker.  I like the finish it gives though - barely noticeable, but just helps create a bit of shadow underneath my cheekbones.

Well Dressed gives a nice finish on the cheek, but I really have to pack the colour on.  It's the one I've used the most of (when you look at the pan) but that's purely because I need to back three or four times to get the colour to show up on me.  Not a re-purchase, simply as I think I need something a little more pigmented, but a beautiful colour nonetheless.

Blushbaby and Dollymix are at totally opposite ends of the blush spectrum (if there is such a thing - if not, I might invent it).  Blushbaby is my "don't have time, don't have a mirror to hand, let's just throw something on and hope for the best" blusher.  It just gives my cheeks a slight warmth but not too much colour - it goes with any eye or lip colour making it the most versatile blush in the palette.

And then Dollymix is your "Hello?  World?  I AM BLUSHER" colour.  Scary bright in the pan, it can be used to create those perfect, round "dolly" cheeks, or used very lightly to gives the face a real, healthy lift.  I love it.  On days when my face resembles a less-than-friendly Casper, I skim my brush across my cheekbones and Dollymix saves the day once again.

So, there we have it.  My Mac blush palette.  I definitely don't *need* anymore, but the thought of a shiny new palette is calling to me.  I have my eye on Peaches, Gingerly, Harmony and Sincere...for starters.

What are your favourite blushers?  And if you have any dupes for Instant Chic, hit me up!


  1. I am too scared to put my MAC blushes in a palette. I like them all being in their own pots so I can carry them with me lol! I love MAC Peacykeen...it has the right amount of shimmer for day wear I think and it is a gorg colour!


  2. I depot my mac blushes too, I took out the divider and have 8 blushes in one. There are some like the mineralized ones that I won't depot because they are domed and prefer them in the compact. Nice collection you have here.