18 February 2011

Revlon and Famous by Sue Moxley shadow palettes

I shall start with a confession.  Of sorts.  I am obsessed with time-keeping.  I like to be on time.  I even like to be a little bit early.  It makes me feel not stressed.  I always wear a watch.  I always double check the time on my phone.  I arrive on time for appointments.  I leave plenty of time to get to places.  I appreciate the same quality in other people, and have been known to be visibly and audibly irked when left waiting for someone for longer than 6 minutes past our allotted "meet" time.  It may, therefore, surprise you to learn that my boyfriend of some years is not *quite* as hot on the old timekeeping as I am, and yet we are still together.  Just.  We often arrange to meet somewhere after work, and 99% of the time, I am there first.  By quite a bit.  A normal wait time would hover between 10 and 15 minutes, and I suppose I can live with that, but he excelled himself recently when, having agreed to meet me at 6:15, he appeared sheepishly somewhere nearer 7:15.  I was already waiting at the restaurant, most expensive bottle of wine opened, foot tapping away.  He was sorry.

But possibly not as sorry as I was.  For this very convoluted introduction is leading up to a look at two new eyeshadow palettes I picked up during a frenzied, irritable and ultimately costly swoop in Superdrug whilst I was waiting for said boyfriend that night.  It's amazing how much you can find to buy when you're waiting to do something else.  It almost doesn't count as shopping; it's just distraction.  So, anyway, let's get to the point.  I found myself at the Famous by Sue Moxley display first.  This isn't a brand I've bought from before, but have seen it a few times.  I know Sue Moxley is a professional make-up artist (good) who is also married to David Van Day (bad), but that's about it.  I haven't ever read any reviews on the products.  I have a feeling though that there's been some relaunches, as the stands disappeared out of Superdrug for quite a while and are now back. 

The range is priced smack bang in the middle of high street products, with eyeshadow trios like this one coming in at about £5, and highlighters and foundations being around £9/£10 (this is from memory, as mysteriously the Superdrug website is beyond rubbish and virtually unsearchable).  I've been obsessed recently with navy blue on the eyes, so zoned in on this trio of blue-toned shadows.  Once I'd found this, I flitted over to the Revlon stand, and spied this neat little quad, which look remarkably similar, so thought it would be fun to do a comparison post.  The Revlon quad was £7.99 I think, and I've always read good things about these shadows, so was looking forward to trying them out.

Y'all see what I mean about the colour similarities, right?  RIGHT?  Have another look:

Ok pedants, so they're not identical, but similar enough that a comparison was called for.  On sight, the Famous trio is considerably more glitter-laden than the Revlon one, so let's see how they swatch, shall we?

So, here we have seven fairly blah shades.  Frankly, I am disappointed.  The middle blue in the Famous trio is actually rather pretty, and probably the most pigmented of all of them.  In terms of colour payoff, the Famous trio as a whole LORDS it over the Revlon quad.  Really surprised.  Another angle:

The worst shade is the lightest one in the Revlon quad (bottom left).  It's a very light grey, but is virtually invisible on the skin, and is very chalky.  This swatch required about 10 heavy swipes, and as you can see, the midde part has actually rubbed away, rather than being built up.  Great. 

Overall, neither of these palettes were worth me buying, as they simply weren't what I wanted.  They both offer I nice range of smoky blue looks, and the silver colour in the Famous trio would make a good highlight, but both are pretty unessential.  Plus, the Famous shadows are very powdery and kick up a lot of product, even with a light swipe of the brush. 

 I will get more use out of the Revlon quad I think, just because the shadows are less "there" and the two darker shades of grey will make good liners and crease colours. 

Moral of this long, overwraught and ultimately boring story?  If your boyfriend is going to be an hour late, call off the evening and just go home.  Do not drift around Superdrug snatching at items like a deranged banshee and spend £53 (I bought quite a lot of crap, apparently) on items both a bit rubbish and utterly useless.  Sigh.


  1. :o £35 I would have been cursing him!

    I have a few Sue Moxley Palettes and like the ones I have. Its just so hard to get hold of her products though as they're not avaliable in most superdrugs.

  2. Oh, he got cursed! I bought another single baked shadow from the Famous range and it's really nice. Gonna review that next week. Need to find out why it's not stocked everywhere as it's not a bad range. x

  3. Well you knew more than me - had no idea she was married to David Van Day. I have come across the range, infact Superdrug seems to have really changed in the last 6 months or so - Bloom is there which I thought had died a death a few years ago. Thanks for the comparison swatches, not an eyeshadow girl but it is nice to be informed. Jan x

  4. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease could u tell me where to buy famous make up from?superdrug have stopped selling this brand help!