17 February 2011

Two-tone nails

This post is inspired by Kelly, who I'm sure you are all familiar with.  I nabbed a pack of ring-binder paper hole reinforcer things (WHAT are their proper names?   Let's call them Sticky Polos) and got busy.  The base is Barry M's Raspberry, and had been on for a couple of days, so was looking tatty.  This is the perfect way to tart up your nails without taking everything off and starting again.  The top colour is OPI's Pamplona Purple.

My hand looks bizarre.  But the nails, I think, turned out quite well, considering I did this at midnight, in about 10 minutes and high on too many Haribo Sours after a cinema trip.

I wasn't sure about the colour combination at first, having just grabbed the closest polish to me at the time, but now I quite like it.  Next I'm going to do a base coat of Models Own Champagne, and then use Nude Beige from the same brand over the top.  I will let you know how that fares, also with pictures of the application process.

What do you think?  Have you tried this yourselves?  Colour combination inspiration much appreciated :)


  1. This looks really cute, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it myself but it looks great on you and I love the colours!xx

  2. @Rachel Honestly, it's so easy to do. When I do it again this week, I'll take pictures of the whole process. Promise, if I can do it, you can! x

    @Zoe Going to have a look now - thanks for the link x