16 March 2011

Alpha-H skincare

Following on from my disastrous results after using the Nude Clarifying Water (the grim results of which can be seen here), I have embarked upon a new skincare regime, courtesy of Alpha-H which is an Australian skincare line that uses AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) to break down and remove dead skin cells, allowing the fresh new cells underneath to be free to make you and your skin look its absolute best.  They offer a wide range of products to suit any skin type and if you're not sure what yours is, there's a comprehensive form on their website that you can complete and submit and in return receive a recommended treatment programme for your skin.

I received a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and mask from Alpha-H to try, and today I'm going to concentrate on the cleanser and toner.  The Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera is my morning and evening cleanser now.  It comes in a huge tube (the packaging is lovely and sleek, and looks great on your bathroom shelf).  The cleanser is a white, fairly runny cream which I massage into slightly damp skin and remove with a muslin cloth.  It's great for removing all make-up (including eye make-up) quickly - one squeeze cleanses my whole face thoroughly.  In the morning I use it after a gel cleanser, but without the muslin cloth, just rinsing it off.

The second product is called Liquid Gold, and let me start this by saying that never has a more appropriate product name been created.  I am completely obsessed with Liquid Gold.  It comes in a nice, hygenic bottle with a snap-top lid and is used every other night after cleansing, just as you would a toner.

Alpha-H describes this product as a complex lotion that delivers clearer, lighter skin, that is resurfaced and firmed, as well as being a suitable treatment for acne.  A pretty bold claim.  But, I can attest that it absolutely delivers on all counts (I don't have acne but the spots I did have are now history) and I shall never again be without a bottle of Liquid Gold in my skincare arsenal.  It's just amazing.  I apply it after cleansing every other night; you can moisturise afterwards if you feel your skin needs it, but mine doesn't.  It is gentle, doesn't strip the skin, doesn't sting (although you must be careful to avoid the skin around the eyes and lips) and you feel thoroughly clean afterwards.  In the morning, you wake up with skin not too dissimilar to this:

This is my face sans slap.  Not a scrap.  Oh, and did I point out that this was after just one use?  No, I did not.  This, my friends, is after ONE USERemember what my skin was like a couple of weeks ago?  Well now it looks like this.  I know.  Me too.  Let's look at some more pictures of my bare face.

All my spots have cleared up, I am no longer an oil slick after an hour, and my skin feels firmer and softer than it has it a long time.  It's also gone a long way to improve and calm the redness that I was suffering from, leaving me with a more even complexion and less need for foundation or concealer.

I could not be more thrilled or impressed with both these products so far.  The mask I received is a clay mask which I'm looking forward to trying, and the moisturiser, which I've only used once so far, promises to be just as good as the cleanser and the magical potion that is Liquid Gold.

You can buy Alpha-H products here.  Have any of you ever tried any Alpha-H products?


  1. Hey, I'm a girl from Denmark. I have been reading your blog a lot lately - I really like the way you write and especially the posts where you show your collection and the empties too, as I'm trying to use up some products myself!

    It's good to hear that the products are working for you, I've had a lot of problems with my skin too, but it's clearing up now.

  2. Heya, I've given you an award :)

  3. I've just started using the rejuvenation cream and my face is a bit red. I'm using it twice a day and alternate with liquid gold which I have used for years and love.