26 March 2011

Famous by Sue Moxley eyeshadow

I mentioned a while ago that I'd bought a couple of products from the Famous by Sue Moxley range for the first time. One was the eyeshadow trio reviewed here, and the second was this Merged Eye Shadow single. It's a baked shadow, in appearance fairly similar to a Mac mineralize shadow. The shade I bought is number 2, and looks like this:

It's a gold/taupe/brown shade with more than a bit of sparkle...

 The consistency is quite nice, but the shadow is a little powdery, with bits of glitter kicking up when you run the brush across the pan.  However, the actual colour on application is rather lovely:

It's what I would call a golden taupe.  Flattering, easy to apply in a rush, and has become something of a staple in my morning make-up routine.  At £4.99, I'm pleased I bought this product and would be interested in trying other shades from the range.

Have you ever tried anything from the Famous by Sue Moxley range?

1 comment:

  1. Looks gorgeous. I've not tried any of this range before x